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I skied Valle nevado and LaParva last week. the conditions were epic! Excellent coverage considering the dry spell they had with more on the way. We skied fresh lines or broken soft all week. Rippin' good time. LaParva rocks!!!! I could make a week out of there and Olympic Range......(in VN)

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Yes, I had a great impression of La Parva to,
though It was more than 10 years ago...

I'd love renting one of those ski-in ski-out condos, and ski La Parva, Valle and El Colorado again.
Don't know how expensive it would be...
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Thiago, that's exactly what we were thinking!   Ski/in/out condos right by the restaurant. Hope onto the Poma and your off...
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I am little prejudiced. But my friend Perry from Santiago has the season tickets from the three Valles. On this trip, we went to all three Valles, Portilo and Chillan. Perry's accessment is he will put Chillan on his site as first home choice for next year and Portillo second. 

When we went to Laprava on 8/6, the condition was the worst of all season, we basically was skiing on ice. However, we are not talking about conditions, we are talking about terrains. As far as I am concerned, Chillan has the best terrains of all, Portillois second. Both places has ski-in/out accomodations for reasonable prices. Lot cheaper than comparables in my home mountain, Squaw.
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I also consider Chillan one of my favorites in South America.

I like the terrain, It has good vertical, some long runs and even trees...

The views are amazing!

I even consider the snow in Chillan more reliable than the three Valles, but, IMHO, they take it more seriously, as a ski resort, in Valle Nevado.

The lifts are newer and faster, and they don't seem to close every lift in a storm, like it usually happens in Chillan.
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interesting, I am already thinking about next summer. I need to check that out.
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Unfortunately, things Looks not so good.

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Just got back from Valle Nevado from 9-8 to 9-12 and had a great time.  did a day at La Parva as well.

didn;t get any new snow but we got bluebird days pretty much every day and good deep coverage on the throughout the slopes if a little hard packed, sun baked, cut up and wind scoured. 

the High Altitude was a blessing and a curse at times-had to fight off splitting headaches and general dehydration most of the trip.  However, nice to see that the snow doesn;t melt or degrade up there in rivers of gushing water like it does in the lowlands.  it merely evaporates/recedes slowly so no "spring conditions".

the temps were comfortable and overall we lucked out I guess looking at the pics of Bariloche right now.  Last year, went to Bariloche and lucked out with decent conditions at this same time.
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You never heard of anybody being charged more because they're not South Americans?  You've got to be kidding!  It's not occasional, it's the rule!  And it's also a fact that Argentines and Chilleans don't like each other although there are certainly many individual exceptions.  Many Argentines possitively hate Americans because we are allies of England and the Argentines got their butts kicked by England over the Faulklands.

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