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Now I have to find some "decent" deal on bindings, any suggestions?




I'm either going with Tyrolia Peak-15, Salomon STH-14, or Jesters.  I have the first two, it's just a matter if the brakes fit without too much hassle.

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5% less than best advertised price... genius

Yep, you got that right. I picked up the last pair on Monday morning. Plus no tax which I would have to pay with Sierra because I'm in California. So I saved about $40 :-)


So thanks to both, sierra and evo :-)



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I love to start a good


I won't be dragged into an argument about which CO report is better.  I like quite a few of them and can always find something good about any of them (cept maybe winter park and breck).  Depending on the day and weather I might prefer SB over Vail or vice versa.  There are some days I would prefer the Basin or Copper over either one.  I will say that I would ratehr live in SB than the others


I skied at the Boat a couple of times this year and I waited in more lift lines there than at Copper at any time this year.  Don't know how to explain it but I got in over 50 days at Copper and almost never waited in a lift line but I waited for every just about every chair at the Boat on both my trips this year.

Gonna 2nd Finndog's reaction to this - maybe you were at the 'boat on particularly busy days.  OTOH Copper is known to be the least crowded Summit Co. ski area, and if you stick to the Alpine (what wait?) or Resolution lifts (ditto) you'll generally wait less than at the Sundown or Storm Peak Expresses.  However, the wait for the Spaulding Bowl's Poma can be 15min to 1/2hr., the Timblerline Express can be ridiculously crowded (I refuse to go over there) and the American Eagle/Flyer main base area lifts usually are pretty crowded too. 

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Where and when were you there. I never wait more a minute or two for a lift. Typically, Sundown/sunshine is the most crowded due to the terrain there (beginner/intermediate). It can be a few minutes at Storm peak at prime time (Christmas-spring break). FWIW, I really enjoyed the different terrain at Vail this past week. I think limiting your skiing to only one mtn is going to get boring regardless (OK, maybe not J-hole)

I was there MLK weekend and about 2 weeks after that.  I agree limiting yourself to 1 Mtn would be lame...but I would add Alta or Snowbird to your list of J-Hole as places I could limit myself to

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