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Volkl titanium GS Racetiger ( Cheater GS]

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Anyone skied these? Interested for big turn , fast groomer carving. probably 180cm. Me leel 8-9  5feet 8   163 lb. Comments please Also maybe Blizzard GSR IQ

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Any comments?

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Sorry, only skied the GSR IQ, but have skied prior versions of the Racetiger, but that ski has changed a bit since it was the P60 GC.


The GSR IQ is one of my favorite race carvers: very versatile groomer ski, no speed limit, fun, and playful.  Others I like: Fischer Progressor 9+ in a longer length and the Elan GSX Waveflex Fusion, although I think the Elan is the beefiest, the 9+ the most versatile, and the GSR IQ somewhere in between.  

Full selection of 2015 skis available right now from Dawgcatching.com.  PM for current deals and discount codes: save up to 25% on mid-season deals. 

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Thankyou Dawg.

The Blizzy seems to have plenty of friends. I will try and get a demo this season in Australia

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I (6'3" 210 lbs) have skied/raced the Volkl GS titanium.  Very fun ski.  Great edge grip. Very easy ski to ski fast. I'm faster on the Fischer RC though. 


 I only brought my Slalom ski's to the hill this day so I demo'd a pair of 09 GS titanium in a 180cm. Myself and Heather where on Volkl 180's.




My Fiance(Heather) owns the 09 volkl gs titanium ski in a 180 5'5" 125lbs. She use's it as her race ski for GS.  She's very fast on it. She says its her favorite GS ski to date.  She has also owned a nordica Doberman WC 176cm, Fischer RC 170cm.



I have never skied the GSR, but have skied the first generation progressor.  To me it was a very soft ski, I have a Fischer WC RC that I love to free ski on.  I also have the Blizzard WC GS in a 182cm that I used to race around here.  If the GSR is anything like the Blizzard WC then I would go that way.

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Thanks for your input  Kanakry . I have been able to source a Volkl in a 180. Whats your opinion on length for me (5ft 9   160lb   level 8+)

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Either the 180 or the 185. Depends what your going to do with it. 


Can't go wrong with the 180, a few people in our beer league run that ski. All of them are 180's.


I would get that ski in the 185cm but i'm also 7inches and 55lbs bigger than you.


If you don't mind what are you paying for it?

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Buying these in Australia US $500 2010 model

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hate to reopen an old post but how do you like these

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