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Zeal Optics photocromatic

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Hi i saw some reviews on the zeal optics photocromatic lenses.


Is it worth it to buy those kind of goggles, or better buy 2 pair one for very low light and one for bright sunny days?

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Ive tried them on and didnt see as much of a dramatic change in darknes as I would have liked...too dark for dark, to light for light....but this was looking out of a window at a store, perhaps outdoors on snow it is different.

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I have the Zeal goggles your referring too and really like them in pretty much all conditions but low light due to clouds/fog and snow falling. When it turns into a real white out, I wear my yellow tint goggles, but even with those on, in difficult visibility conditions, I get vertigo at times, if out in a wide open bowl, so I try to stay in trees, close to rock formations, something to give my perception something to hold on to.

They are very nice lenses, but I don't notice the lense doing a major transition like the glasses advertised on tv.

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Liv2 Ski,

I am trying to decide between these or the Julbo goggles with photochomatic lenses.  My concern about the Zeal product is that at its darkest it still allows 16% visual light transmission ("VLT"), as contrasted with the Julbo Zebra lens that only allows 6.6% VLT at its darkest.  For low/flat light conditions I have a pair of yellow tint goggles I like to use.

When you have used the Zeal goggles in extreme light conditions (very bright), have they been dark enough for you?  Do you find youself wishing they were darker?  I worry that the Zeals will be too bright, and that the Julbos will be too dark! 
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 You might try something like a Smith I/O. They usually package it with the Sensor lens for flat light conditions and something like their Ignitor lens for lighter conditions. I have a Sensor lens on my Phenoms and it's a great flat light lens. Just a thought.
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Liv has it right..  GREAT goggle for most any condition except very low flat light..  I use my Smith sensor mirrors for that condition, but use the Zeals for everything else..  Very nice goggle...
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Have Zeal Rapt (or something like that - they're in the basement and I'm not).  I third what is being said; great except for low light.  I wear a Giro 9 helmet and it does press the goggles onto my nose.  Not horrible; just noticeable.  I do have extra nose though.

The racing stripes on them help me go faster too

If you have the time and patience, watch Tramdock.  They pop up frequently in the $30 range (yesterday for $33.33).  I bought a pair off there and I think they were no more than $40.
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