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Possible fixes for instep room (with heatmold liner)?

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I replaced my old boots recently and the boot fitter put me into Impact 10's with a heat molded liner. I haven't skied with this type of liner before. Seems like a really personal fit that shapes around your foot. It got rid of all of my usual hotspots all at once. But I am having a new problem with pressure at the instep. It's enough that it's making my foot fall asleep then really hurt. Seems to be cutting off my circulation there, but other than that the liner would be fantastic.


He remolded the liner and really cranked the instep buckle the second time trying to compress the liner there. He also had me skiing temporarily without the footbed and bootboard to see if that would free up enough room (no). I have a wide foot, but a medium arch & instep. I didn't have any instep problems with the stock liner (although there were other hot spots). Does this mean that the heatmold liners have too much volume for this shell? Would it make any sense to try and create a small, thin cavity at the instep by putting some kind of temporary spacer (foam, tape or something) on the instep just during the molding? Or even trim the lower shell where the plastic "wraps" around the instep? Or would that be too large of a change in the boot stiffness? The stock boot has a "110" flex.


I'm hoping to pick some brains here and perhaps pass a tip along to my boot fitter. Or at least understand the process better.

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101 things that can be done depending on the amount of pressure, the exact location and the size of the pressure


1 foam pad on top of foot during moulding to produce a void space as you mentioned

2 grind down the base board a little...this lowers the whole foot so may not be the best solution

3 stretch the instep of the boot up , or punch a specific spot where the compression is

4 thin the liner down in the problem area...what type of liner is it?? it may be really easy

5 reduce the bulk of the footbed

6 change the footbed to a lower profile one


your bootfitter should be owing us all a beer if he hasn't though of these

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Thanks for taking the time to point out some possible fixes. It helps me understand what is going on. To be fair, I really haven't given my boot fitter enough time to resolve this yet. But there was enough head scratching going on to say that yes, he probably owes a round of beers here.


My footbeds are pretty low volume and unposted, so I don't know if they can be further reduced. But he hasn't tried the first four things that you mentioned yet. The liners are the heat moldable Intuition brand liners.

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