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Looking for Vintage Car Ski Rack, WITH original type Ski Cleats

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From 1969 James Bond Film On Her Majesties Secret Service

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Hello All,

  I am not that Computer savvy, but who ever can see this image of the late 1960's Car Ski Rack , can someone at least let me know what company made it? We would REALLY appreciate it!!! I can try to re-attach the image better.





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can't see it that well, but in those days, Barrecrafter was the industry standard.

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I have this one (not for sale, sorry) that is mounted on any tubular type rack. They made an adapter which was made of the same grade tubes that elevated the skis over the roof that fit on most flat trunk racks of the period.

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  MUCH appreciated you two!!!

     Wow, that other image is quite vintage as well & very cool. Ours needs to be the exact make though to duplicate the James Bond car. I went to my local ski shop yesterday. As one of you has suggested, the owner there who has been around in the industry for many decades said it is most likely a Barrcrafter or maybe a Mohm. He said Barrcafter was just recently bought out. But he couldn't think by who. Does anyone know what company bought Barrcrafter???




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The picture looks like a 69? Cougar with Kneissl White Stars (I think 69 was the last year of those graphics). Those racks are chromed steel.  Barrecrafters were usually aluminum or silver painted steel. A company called Amco made chromed steel aftermarket racks, Google them. At any rate I'd bet that they are European, universal fit with the suction cups. You might try Googling an old company called Leitz. They were a European aftermarket maker of good quality. Good luck!

P.S. What the heck is this for? Sounds interesting!

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I agree with PS. My brother and I had a couple of TR6's in the 70's. He had a beautiful chrome rack permanently mounted on the trunk, with a ski rack bracket that was fitted on it for the winter. It was an Amco rack. I had a number of  Barrecrafters aluminum trunk mounted racks...which looked pretty tired after even a season. My mother had a couple of Mustangs, and a Ford XL convertible, and they all had Barrecrafters trunk mount racks. Barrecrafters was basically an aluminum crafting company, in Shelburne VT. Was sold to SportRack a few years ago, I think.  That rack is clearly NOT a Barrecrafters rack.


In trying to source something like that rack, I'd try the retailers who deal in vintage English car parts. Try www.englishparts.com and www.victoriabritish.com   They might be able to help. I'd also look at a source like Hemmings Motor News. All sorts of vintage parts for sale there. My guess is that it's British. James Bond, go figure. Good luck. Has to be one out there if you dig far enough. Ebay?

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Hi Peter,

   Thanks again for the helpful tips!! You are exactly right. The picture is of a 69 Cougar. You are wise. And the skis are Kneissl White Stars. I only know that from the description below the picture. I have a question with the skis now. Even tho I've been a novas skier since age 10 in the mid 70s, I'm unfamiliar with Kneissls. I'm told these in the picture these are Cross Country. Is this correct??


    To answer your last question. I belong to club, a foundation that collects all kinds of James Bond vehicles, we restore them and show them at venues. We have 30 vehicles in our archive all in different levels of repair, from cars to motorcycles, snowmobiles, submarines, and aircraft to name some. Our website is www.ianflemingfoundation.org.

    We acquired this Cougar from the 1969  007 film On her Majesties Secret Service last Fall. The car is in really good condition. We're just trying to duplicate the ski rack or get parts. We've just got a hold of an old set of Kneissls with different colors. We just going to repaint them.

    I will now research Leitz & Amco.




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Hi Muleski,

   Very cool info! We are actually also trying to duplicate the White Ski Cleats. The skis NEED to sit flat and not on edge. We have some material that might work, but if not we may need to locate the actual cleats. I suppose none of your old Barrcrafter racks have these cleats even though this most likely is not a Barrcrafter?

   I'll check out those vintage auto websites. Great Idea!!!


Stay Cool,


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