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I have Lange Comp 120 boots right now and have not been able to get them dialed in right. Initially I was getting rocked into the backseat constantly when in bumps and glades and unable to maintain forward balance. I asked my local bootfitter to soften the boot to which he removed one bolt and cut away some material from the outside bottom of the lower cuff buckle strap and cut a v in the back inside shell where the top bolt existed for flex control. This definitely made the boot easier to flex but still I could not get into a fully flexed position without falling backwards. I then concluded that I needed some heel lift to bring my hips more forward. This seemed to work but it took two blue foam heel lifts to finally get my hips into the correct position. Now I find that I have too much range of motion and so I added in some padding behind the cuff. Presto I was setup and able to maintain a balanced position in all conditions. The problem now is I feel like I am overly flexed instead of neutral when at rest and the boots have been softened up a lot so I think I lost some lateral stiffness and control. Ultimately I am not happy with this experiment anymore and think my best bet is to move on. So, what would is the best ski boot for me? I am 6 foot, 190 pounds. I ski moderately aggressive and moderately fast where possible -- a 7/8 rating. I ski only black diamond runs, 60% of time the conditions are powder or crud and 70% of time I am in the glades and bumps. My foot is a 27.5 mondo and 108mm wide at the forefoot with a slightly high arch but normal otherwise. I have limited flexion with 20 degrees of dorsiflexion in my right ankle but only 14 degrees of dorsiflexion in my left due to a three year old ankle sprain. As a result I want or need a ski boot that will be easy to get and stay balanced. I want something playful with a bootboard that is shock absorbing for drops and jumps. Lastly I want something that is responsive and suitable for the type of terrain and skiing that I do. I have thought of boots like the Rossignol Bandit 90, the Head Mojo, Salomon Kaos and Atomic Rolla 90. Are there any opinions on these options I've listed or other suggestions?