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Shane McConkey - just the stoke please!

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 So what's the best movie segment he has done? Best trick, photo, line skied, cliff BASEd?


I looked for his Claim segment which blew me away, couldn't find it, but did find this.



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I enjoyed the clip Erik.  Even the bad guys are great skiers.

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I love you, man. 

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Great idea. Here's some clips I found on youtube.




Nice interview:

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The first movie I saw him in was Focused, and I later bought the rest of the Matchstick movies mostly cause he and Seth were just so damn good all those years together. Watching him rip down that huge face with the jumping WATER SKIS was simply amazing...not to mention never seeing a ski-BASE, let alone hear of it being done, then seeing him huck those 500'+ cliffs. That was some seriously inspiring stuff he was doing.

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Whistler Celebration of Shane, 2 Apr 09

"Larger than Life",
a Celebration of the Life and Legend of Shane McConkey,
Thursday, 2Apr09, 7 p.m.
Dusty's, Creekside, Whistler
Videos by MSP
Music by Ace and The HairFarmers
Prizes for Best Costume (the dorkier the better) include a pair of Pontoons!!!!

Admission by donation, proceeds to Shane's family.
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Some AWESOME stuff in here, great tribute and a buncha pics, etc.  (seent' it on TGR and thought it would be hugely appropriate)




Enjoy!  I sure did! 

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My favorite McConkey segment is and always has been in Push.

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Wow, watching those segements is nothing short of mesmerizing . Just unbelievable stuff. The tragedy of his death is so unfortunate, beacuse you just believed he was bullet proof. The reality is, those stunts were really really dangerous , even if you were Shane McConkey.


I don't know what to think, for those who push the envelope, you can only admire them for being fearless and hold them in awe, when they pay the ultimate price with their own life, its very sobering. He loved that winged suit and being able to fly.

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Originally Posted by JayPowHound View Post





The villain's recovery at 3:30 while holding an AK is nothing short of FKNA fantastic. 

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Who has gotten the email from Backcountry about the tribute page for Shane McConkey?


This page give you an opportunity to remember his contribution and make a contribution toward his family's needs.


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Whole clip is chock full of awesomeness, but some mind blowing stoke starting at 1:52...


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