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I read SierraJim post about polarized views with some interest and the fad and swing in direction aspects brought something amusing to mind.


Over the past couple of years there seems to be a swing or trend to longer skis and a lot of hype about metal.  Is really quite amusing as a few short years ago was a big trend toward shorter and turnier skis.


How about the 70s?  Short skis were in then too. 


Back to my topic.  We just had Retro Day at our resort and as usual I brought out my old Atomic 203 SL skis for a run.  But to be different I tried a much different animal for our "wax race".


I came across a pair of black Head GS skis with yellow base and full metal edges.  These had the Marker toe bindings that twirl around to adjust height and are supposed to have matching notches in toe of boot.  Also had honest to god Step-In heel bindings - Geze.  I managed to adjust them to my boots and then waxed them with universal and for fun some Low Flouro yellow wax.


Come Retro Day we had a Wax Race on the Bunny Hill.  Ours is just a bit steeper than some bunnies and a bit long - but seemed perfect for these old boys.


I stepped in and tried to do up the SAFETY STRAPS.  Well guess what?  They were designed in the day of ankle high boots.  They would not go around my ski boots or reach to the top of my boots.  I ended up clipping them to my boot buckles.


In a heat of 8 I came 3rd.  Simply blew by someone on modern SL skis but those on longer skis kept ahead.


Was interesting because these were all day referred to as the Metal Head skis.  I believe there was a metal layer at least because when I moved the bindings (to pre-existing holes) it was a bitch to tighten the screws.  These were also longer skis at a touch over 210 cm (had to use tape measure and convert from feet/inches).


I didn't kill myself and I am sure this was the first wax on these skis in 40-50 years - but metal and long skis????  That has obviously been around a long while.