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2010 Blizzard WC GS 182cm

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I was able to borrow a new, demo pair of these race GS skis last Saturday...tried them for about 2 hours.


My stats:

Age: 57

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 145 lbs

Skiing style: Technical, racer type, blend of power and finesse; still love powder

Skier Days per Year: 50

Current equipment: Boots: Nordica Aggressor 150; Skis: Blizzard GS 185cm, Volkl GS 183cm, Volkl SL 155cm, Dynastar Legend Pro 176cm


Weather and Snow Conditions:

Clear California spring day, Sugar Bowl ski area, 26 degree overnight low, rock hard frozen corduroy at 9am and 40 degrees by 12 noon when I was done; testing was on a short (40 second) GS training course about 10 runs + 5 free ski runs



I have been skiing on the 2009 185cm GS and in January decided they were too much ski for my weight.  I switched back to the 183cm Volkl GS.  The Volkl seems to suit a lighter skier like myself.  So, when the opportunity was available to try the 2010 Blizzard in a slightly shorter size....I said sure!


The Skis:

  • First Touch: Flex is noticeably softer in the mid-body; balanced flex; with medium tip and tail; only slight camber and decambering takes very little pressure 
  • Graphics: Similar to this year with an asymetic tip logo/graphic.....red, black and white similar to 2009
  • Radius:  25 meter and no tip/waist/tail dimensions indicated; this is intended to be a women's FIS full race stock ski
  • Tuning: 0.5 degree base bevel and 3.0 side bevel; this felt very manageable, moderately aggressive
  • Construction:  Flat top and straight sidewalls with Vist plate identical to the 2009 race skis mated with Marker DIN 20 bindings; interior construction is a departure from 2009 skis.  Per shop rep, the skis are a wrap/torsion box construction around a wood core and using slightly thinner metal layers on top and bottom than the 2009 skis....this apparently contributes to softer flex feel; this construction may not apply to the men's race stock 185cm GS...I could not verify.




The Ride:

  • Initiation: Similar to the 183cm 23m Volkl GS; the turn initiation seemed easy a the top of the turn with moderate to strong forward pressure and athletic stance; by comparison, the 2009 182cm and 185cm Blizzard GS are brute tanks and take extreme tip pressure to start the turn
  • Turn Completion: the Blizzard GS has powerful, slow release energy at the end of the turn for smooth lateral body shifts; by comparison the Volkl GS has a snappy, quick release; heavy skiers may find the Blizzard too slow or dead;  however, for the intended women FIS users, or lighter weight men (<165#), this is a welcome balance of response and ski management
  • Edge Control:  Very good edge bite response with good edge angles; equal or better than the 183cm Volkl GS
  • Feel:  The balanced flex rewards center of ski stance but is flexible to fore/aft shifts during turns; softer flex makes it easier to get a deep counter flex in the turn; consequently the ski feels slightly quicker than a standard 25 meter radius;  engaging the ski with high edge angles creates a "full ski" tip-to-tail feel; the ski feels very damp; rides very quiet (quiet on spring groomer "death cookies"), no tip deflection or wander in race track chop and ruts; point-and-go, lock-and-load confidence for athletic movements; and a confidence builder when you start pushing harder into the turn, small turn shape adjustments can still be made while in the turn; no apparent top end speed for GS

A first class GS race ski that will reward solid athletic race technique!


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 Cool!  It sounds nearly exactly like the 182cm GSR I had a few years ago: super easy flex wise, but very torsionally stiff.  Like it was made for a 150lb skier like myself, not some 210lb world cup racer dude.  The following year's model (2007 I believe) was even better for me, skied like the race stock Volkl, but with more stability and punch.  


On a related note, I got to ski the GSR IQ, as a rep had a loaner for me.  Wow, what a great race carver. I was skiing some pretty lousy snow (mashed potatoes with bad visibility) yet it just hooked up exactly when I wanted, and was very easygoing while still stable.  The race stock GS board I was on an hour later, was terrible in the same snow: too stiff, bad tune, or something.  I hadn't felt that out of control since I skied a poorly tuned Fischer AMC76 years ago.    

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