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New skis for the boy

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I'm looking to get my boy a new pair of skis.  He'll be 8 next year and is skiing around a level 5-6...skidded, parallel turns, likes running in the powder, off the groomers but was getting frustrated by the shorter skis he's learned on (he's currently running on a pair of Rossi's, 93cm).  He's about 48 inches (121cm) and weighs about 50 pounds.   I think he'd be happy on something he can go off trail on yet work on his skills on the groomers next year (i.e. carving turns, starting to ski switch).  We don't get bottomless powder but often 6-7 inches that's an awful lot of fun to play around in.  Any suggestions?

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Check this thread (our sons are about the same size/age):





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Thanks, I'll check it out.

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