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Salomon X-wing Typhoon Ski

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Hey Guys, I am new to this forum but have been skiing for some time now. I started skiing about 7 seasons ago and have been using the same skis (Atomic X8) for 6 of them. Finally came to the realization that it's time to get new skis after a recent trip to the mountains, and have been in the process of doing some reasearch.


I local ski shop has a pair of Salomon X-wing Typhoon skis (http://milehighathletic.com/snow/itemdisplay.php?id=360136713746), but I have not been able to find too many reviews of this ski. Judging by what I have been able to find, it seems that this is a good ski for groomers, but is a bit too narrow for powder. It appears to be fairly forgiving on turns and handles pretty well. Have any of you guy tried these skis?


The ski shop also has a pair of Volkl Superstar Allstar skis that are a little more expensive, but the performance is supposed to be considerably better. Anyone try these skiis as well.


Another question I am asking myself is what length ski should I get. I am 6'1 and weigh about 200lbs. I am a fairly advanced skier and can handle most any terrain. I don't always ski very aggresively, but can do so when needed. My current skis are 181, and I am finding that that is a bit long for me. I was thinking about going down into the 160 range, but would like to get some opinions on what would be the recommended lenght for me.





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I can't tell you much except that the 160cm-range may be too short for you.


Consider that I'm 5'8", 157lbs, and my current primary skis are 172-176cm.  That's not an entirely fair point-of-comparison as those are both straight-ish all-mountain & powder/sidecountry sticks, but I am coming off of 155cm carvers (of which family the Salomon Typhoons belong to), which I determined to be too short for me for anything but extending small, overly-groomed, flat-ish hills.  Not only was there insufficient edge for me to hold a carve at medium speeds (yes, I mean "medium" for short slalom turns), but the too-short length was also a handful when things got less than immaculately groomed.


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