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Alpental (WA)

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Will an intermediate that prefers blue or black groomers have fun at Alpental? Or is it mostly more challenging, ungroomed stuff? (I know the real attraction is the backcountry).

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I'd say that is a less than perfect match.


If you stand at the base of Alpental and look up, it looks like a nothing of a ski area. And based on what you can see, it is. Because, with the exception of one lift, what you see is pretty much what you get. The inbounds area becomes interesting (in size and variety) only when you hop on chair two. Total number of groomed routes off chair two: zero. Total number of reasonable/fun routes for a self-described groomer skier: petty much zero.


OTOH your pass is good at the whole Summit, so your risk is pretty low. You can try it - and in the worst case, head for west or central...

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I completely agree.  Alpental probably isn't your best bet.

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Probably not.  There is almost no meaningful grooming at Alpental, and what little there is gets chewed up fast.  The best groomers in Washington state are actually East of the crest.  If you haven't yet, check out Mission Ridge in Wenatchee.  It has great weather and great snow.

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Thanks. I'll stick with Stevens and Crystal for now.

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