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 I know I've been realy slacking puting up trip reports, part of that is working too much and skiing too little. The rest is me being lazy. Anyway this was my biggest day on the hill in the Tahoe area this winter


After leaving a car down on Foothill road we started out from Luther Pass on Highway 89. We followed the snowmobile tracks for the first couple of miles eastwards to Horse meddows.



From here on in it was quite a slog up until we reached the pass between Jobs and Jobs sister. Where the snow changed from waist deep Sierra Cement to windbuff and windpack. Looking back to where we have come from



From here on in it was still a long old way but no more wollowing, just getting blown about. From the top of Jobs you get a great view over the whole area. Sorry not the best panorama shots but you get the idea (best viewed if you switch off image auto resize)


View from jobs peak


Heading east the upper face, the headwall, Was wind scoured hardpack with pockets of unplesant brakeable crust. As soon as we got out onto the eastern spur things improved. MaRuMo finding some better snow to slide on, With the headwall behind.



There are some wonderfull old weatherbeaten trees up there



We found, at fiirst pockets of nice snow



By traversing futher right every few turns the snow got nicer and nicer. Nevada is below MaRuMo in this one



From here on in we lost the light as the sun dropped behind the ridge, the trees got bigger and the snow got deeper. Until at probably a thousand feet or less above the valley floor it began to turn to mush. Then became refrozen crusty nastyness. Finaly ending up with snowpatches and sagebrush just above the road.


Looking back up we skied the left side of the canyon, reaching the canyon floor just as it ended.