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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Foxy said: If that's the deal, then light up my doobie, man, I'm hitting the half pipe fakey!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Foxy, that's pretty cheeky of you (heh, heh.) Do you paint a face on your moon and stick the lit spliff in your cheeks? Now that would be something for the books. : : :
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I've been finding stocks VERY useful here, when some out of control type is heading for me or my guest, I find a raised stock tip has them re-considering using us as crash-cushions. Suddenly they become less out of control. No one's hit me when I do that, yet.
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Sorry Ydnar, but you are incorrect. Perhaps your statement applies to mediocre skiers in average situations. But take an expert who uses poles and an expert who never ever touched them and you will have very different results. The skier with poles will be able to enhance his/her balance, will be able to recover balance in precarious situations and will be able to ski tough terrain (such as zipper line bumps, heavy crud, ice, etc) with superior speed and skill. At a certain level of skiing, poles are not a replacement for good balance (as your post suggests), but rather an enhancement. Who would not want the added advantage?

Watching the Olympics, you could see the countless times when a pole was used to recover/enhance balance. Unless you develop a superior being that never falls out of balance, the skier with poles will ALWAYS have an advantage over the skier without poles.
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