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LINE Prophet 90- Good All mountain ski for Wasatch resorts?

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 Hey, new here.  Wondering if you could offer any advice.


I live and ski on the Wasatch back, and have for the past 30+ years.  I am looking for a good all mountain ski for typical Utah conditions and was considering the Prophet 90.  Nobody in town has these available to demo at this time of year.  

Questions for anybody who skis these:  do they really carve well on groomers?  How do they perform on steep hard  pack that we might find between storms in the bowl/chute areas?  How is their soft snow performance (crud/pow)?  Basically are they as versatile  as they claim?  They almost sound too good to be true!  BTW, my last ski was the Salomon X wing Fury in 184 cm.

Also, what about  sizing?  I am 6'1, 205 lbs.  I ski mostly in the bowl areas with tight chutes/trees/bumps/wide open spaces and the varying snow conditions that come with the terrain but also end up on the groomers at some point each day of skiing. Only skiing about 35-45 days per year.


Open to any thoughts on this ski or any other ski that might fit the bill.


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One of my two favorite skis I demoed this season but my first choice ended up being a pair of Bro from PmGear (pmgear.com.)  As I remarked before in another thread.  Very similar and nimble skis.  I found the Bro to hold a better edge on the hard stuff and even boilerplate.  The Bro's have a softer construction too, which gave them an edge in the bumps over the Prophets.   I felt the Prophets were better high-speed on-piste carvers than the Bros.  


Overall, two great skis.  Check out the Bro if you want another similar and imo, slightly better option.  I don't think you can really go wrong with either skis.

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 If you want a more traditional design, I'd steer you towards the Volkl Gotama.   You could probably get 09s for a song right now.  Get the 2010 if you want flat camber and subtle rocker.   In general, Volkls tend to be "crowd pleasers."


Line is more innovative.  I think the Prophet is probably Line's least "interesting" ski, in terms of its design. Line's most interesting designs are, IMHO, the Bacon, the EP Pro, and the Mothership.  These designs are also highly idiosyncratic in terms of what you will like.  Folks who hate one ski may love another.  It's hard to predict who will like what.  You must demo.


If you can't demo, just get a Goat.  One bajillion happy Goat owners can't be wrong.

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The Fury is a pretty good example of a Jack of all trades/Master of none that many mid 80's skis epitomize. It's easy enough to improve on just about anything in one way or another but you need to understand that an improvement in one area will require a compromise in another.


For example, the P-90 has the potential to improve a little over the Fury in deep snow and moguls but it will sacrifice stability and edge grip. (depending a bit on which Fury you have) So...............


The most important question is, how do you want a new ski to improve over the Fury?



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Thanks for the recommendations guys.


SJ, I understand what you are saying sacrificing one strength at the cost of another.  In general I am fairly happy with my XW Fury's.  They are a couple years old and a  bit "Tired".    So since I am going to get some new skis I thought I would try something new. I had read good reviews of the P-90 as an all mountain ski.  

I recently skied a Nordica Helldiver and really enjoyed it.  Seemed similar to the Fury but snappier and plowed the crud better due to the weight of the ski.

I also realize that one ski can't do everything well.  As a kid growing up in PC my "All Mountain" ski of choice was an Atomic Team Bionic SL in a 207( that dates me).  Talk about no float, but I made it work in all conditions, all the time. 


Thanks again for the info.  I will most likely buy something  between 85-90 underfoot.  I buy most skis blind and make them work.  I agree with your earlier post that, "it is the skier, not the ski."



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I got a pair of LP90's late in the season and have 5-6 days on them.  I am in the Pacific NW and have had them out in various conditions from hardpack to 1ft+ of powder. I've found them to be really versatile and can do a variety of turn shapes. They do really well on the hardpack and hold an edge really well. I am 155lbs and ski the 172's. I demo'd these and Atomic Snoop Daddy's which were really nice in the powder but not very stable on the groomers. 

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If you go for the Prophets, definitely go for the 186.  They'll actually probably ski a little shorter than your Fury's due to a fairly sizable twin.  I've got a friend who's very happy with his, but I haven't been on them yet so I can't comment.

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Just a thought having skied both: Not a vast difference, more like SJ says, a predisposition one way vs another. And I don't see either as aimed at a big guy. If you really like the bowls, including glades/tress at the bottom, and groomers are more necessary than desired, I'd argue for something like a Mythic Rider, iM88, or the new Blizzard Atlas. Three different feels, but all are disposed toward the backside, and all are suitable for a bigger guy. If you want to get in on sales now, go for the MR or iM88 in that order. Hard to beat either for all around and next year's iM88 will be less appealing, it seems. 

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