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TR: The Canyons March 22 - 26

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Woke up at Washington D.C. at 4 in the morning, arrived at Baltimore Washington International airport at 6 in the morning... I got into Salt Lake at 9:45 and used a service called "All Resort Express" to get to The Canyons. It was a fine service and everyone was very friendly. I was at the Canyons in Park City by 10:30. They hadn't had any snow for over a week and there were temperature readings in the 70s, but I decided to burn some time and went out for some turns. Everything was ice. Everything. It was possibly the worst conditions I had ever skied.


But I was still happy. They were calling for up to 18" by Wednesday! I checked in to the Sundial Hotel and relaxed while some snowflakes began to fall. It eventually started to get harder and I decided I should go out to get some dinner before it gets too hard. I kept the venue local to the Canyons and chose Smokie's. I was a very warm restaurant/pub and I food was tasty.


After dinner I relaxed in the room until I passed out around 9... waking up at 4 and skiing took out some energy.


The second day I awoke to a reported "2 inches" of snow... I was extremely surprised and delighted to find upwards of 8" at the Super Condor Express. It was a Monday and Super Condor was nearly empty, so I ran laps on the Rendezvous Bowl and the surrounding area until Condor Woods and Murdock Peak opened. Condor Woods was thigh deep in some places and remained untracked all day. The Murdock Bowl looked icy so I hiked a little longer to what the trail map indicates as "Five Trees." The powder there was upwards of 10" but there was no base, so there was a healthy serving of dirt and bushes. I continued to run laps on Super Condor until around 3 o'clock when I went back in. I was tired of the rough winds and biting cold.


I ate dinner at a place in town called Bandit's; I'd been to Park City before and remembered this place being very good (but a bit pricey!).


The third day they reported 4", but most of that had fallen during the day earlier so there weren't too many truly fresh lines. I went back to the Super Condor and hit up the South Side Chutes (they used to be called 1-9?). There was ice on the upper chutes, but there was an easy fix: take the EZ Street and hop in to the lower chutes! The powder there was amazing and there were tree lines up to a foot and a half deep! After the chutes, I found a bowl isolated by a long icy stretch (this stretch was Rendezvous Ridge). The ridge was covered in ice moguls (that weren't covered by fresh snow: the wind had blown it off the ridge), so no body bothered to stray over there. What I found was a bowl completely untouched for over two days of powder...



The powder wasn't too deep, but it was refreshing to get some fresh lines in. I continued to run laps on the bowl until noon when I got lunch at the Sun Lodge. Great food. Overpriced, but the food was extremely delicious. From the Sun Lodge I made my way over to 9990 which was still fresh to my surprise. Most of the peak was tracked but the snow was still very soft. I found some tree lines that were pretty darn close to untracked. By the time I had 4 or 5 laps under my belt, it was already past 3 so I decided to call it a day.


I ate at a place in town called Pasta & Noodles. Friendly staff, average (but very cheap!) food. I browsed Main Street for about an hour and headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep: they were calling for upwards of 10" overnight.


The fourth day I woke up to a reported (I think?) 10" overnight. I remembered that when they reported 2" it was more like 8", so I rushed out assuming that there would be deep deep pow today. I got in the first 5-10 gondola cars and instantly headed over to Dreamcatcher because Super Condor was closed due to wind (and remained closed all day). There were lifts closed/on hold everywhere... I went to Peak 5 which remained closed to 9:45. Got one of the first lifts up and headed to Dreamscape and hit the Dreamcatcher Bowl. I remembered from a few years ago a cliff on skier's left. I chose the run "Specter" and found powder two feet deep, completely untracked. I spotted the cliff and the next lap and went over to it and spotted the landing... The cliff looked about 15-20 feet high (I'm not to good at judging heights?). I went back up and found a line to the cliff drop. I was about to hit it when a group of 8-10 skiers/boarders came down to the same spot. I talked to them for a bit about the cliff and most of them hit the smaller line to skier's right. Me and another guy (Mike) chose the main line. The main line was pretty sketchy... there were about 5 trees right at the lip. We both hit the cliff and the landings were perfect... deep deep powder. I ditched the group and made my way over to 9990.


The powder at 9990 was unreal. The tree lines were some of the deepest powder I've ever skied. Face shots every turn. I couldn't see a thing. You know, the good stuff . After laps on 9990, I made one quick lap on Peak 5, more specifically Mystic Pines. The snow there was similar to that of 9990.


It was late and I had to go in. This was my last day... probably my best day of skiing ever.


The Canyons actually got even more snow the next two days... but I truly enjoyed the time I spend there. I left the Thursday the 16th.

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It was a good week in UT.



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