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Teen with no poles

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I've got a stubborn 13 year old son ("yeah so what find one who isn't" everyone yells in response) who refuses to use poles. His first instruction when he was a beginner was without poles and he just doesn't like them. When I try to convince him he should use poles he suggests that maybe he should carry a canned ham around on the slopes because that would keep his hands busy as well. :

He's not a bad skier but can he progress without poles? Are there techniques or a style that would work for someone who doesn't use poles? Or is it a simple article of faith that you use poles or you will always be a mediocre skier?

Or should I put him on snoskates or super short skis, he's got no interest in boarding.

There is one advantage though it's easy to pick out the only 5'10" skier on the slopes without poles.

Thanks for any thought on the subject.
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Sorry I missed the thread on skiing with no poles below. [img]redface.gif[/img]
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Introduced properly poles will help a skier's timing, rhythm and balance. They can help a skier get around in lift lines and across flats or up hills. Other than those reasons there in no reason to have them. For most people they are only good because of the built in panic button on top of the grips. He is not putting himself or anyone else in danger by skiing without poles so I'd say go ahead and leave him alone about pole usage. He'll pick them up when he wants to.

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I have a 14-year-old son, so I know what you mean. There are only two possibilities:

1. You could tell him that he must NEVER EVER use poles!

Or ...

2. You could show him pictures of really cute 13-year-old girls skiing with poles!

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AarHead ? 5'10" no poles & ski moguls & powder,I want to watch & learn.
happy skiing
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Put him on snowllerblades, that way he won't have to worry about cute 13 year old girls...

Or you could just point out all the pro skiers and racers that happen to use poles and tell him if he wants to ski like them he had better learn to use them.
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