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Volkl 724 series differences

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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone can give me any thoughts as to what differentiates the different levels of the Volkl 724 range? The only one I have any experience with is the AX3. So they all have twin tips (well, kick tail)? Is it just top sheet design? What is the target of each of the steps (AX1-AX4)?

Just wondering before I dive in and grab the AX3 and find out I actually wanted the AX4 or AX2. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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: Do you think it's possible I have tried that AND google etc. before asking? That site doesn't answer any of the questions I have about performance, price and twin tips.
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Also looking at these ......

The AX4 appears to be the old G4 with cosmetic differences.
The lower the number the lower level the ski. (e.g. AX2 is "for the improving intermediate skier who wants to be able to forge ahead confidently when there's new snow.") But of course you knew this because this is what it says on Volkl's site

From what I can see the tails on the AX range appear to be all the same.

7 24 Pro = new ski between old G3 and G4

Other than that I don't know nowt .....

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Thanks for that. The AX3 seems to be an incredibly high performer that grips like a cat on carpet. Would the AX4 or Pro be a step up from that - or targeted more at off-piste etc.?

[img]smile.gif[/img] Thanks for the responses.
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From a bit of searching on the internet it looks like .....

AX4 = G4 replacement (93.67281% off piste ski, 83mm waist)

AX3 = G3 replacement (all rounder 50%P/50%OP, 70mm waist)

7-24 Pro = Axis XP rival, i.e. ski inbetween the two (77mm waist) maybe 40%P/60%OP.

Volkl probably wanted to carry over the 3 and 4 from the G series but thought "724 Pro" was a better name than "AX3 'an a half".
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Actually I think that this years AX3 is a dumbed down version of the g3-G31. I have not skiied it so I don't know for sure but every review i've read on it has placed it in the high intermediate catigory while the G3 was more of an advanced expert ski. I think the 7/24 Pro is the ski your looking at as the replacement for the type of ski that the G3 was. They had better not have messed witht he construction of the G4 or I shall be very put out.

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Thanks for the input guys. This ski will spend the majority of it's time on piste for the next 2 years until I go Northern Hemisphere again so I am not looking for a fattie. The AX3 sounds like the one to have.

And no, I would not put it in the high intermediate category. It is an exceptional performer. A 'go-anywhere' ski with exceptional grip levels (possibly something to do with the 86 degree edge?)

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Having skied the AX3 and Pro but not the AX4 I can say the Pro is a higher performeer than the AX3 - especially on hard pack. It has more shape, more edge grip and is more energetic. In soft snow and bumps it requires more precision and attention due to those differences. It has better manners in those conditions than the Supersport 6 Star or 5 Star though. As mentioned the AX4 is a wide ski designed more for soft snow than any of the other 7 24 skis.

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I got the following from Volkl:

I think you are talking about the Vertigo Motion, which was a Vertigo G3 with the Motion System integrated into it. Anyway, the Vertigo Motion was Wood Cell core w/ energy construction. I believe everything you said about it - a 184 is too long and it can definitely chatter on the super hard stuff. Keep in mind, though, that the Vertigo Motion was never intended to be superb on the hard snow. Skis like the F1 are built specifically to go fast on steep, icy conditions, so in some ways it's a little unfair to compare them to a Vertigo.

The other issue you need to think about is width - the wider the ski, the less grip it is going to have, and this has nothing to do with Power construction. It's just physics - a wider ski has more ability to flex torsionally. Torsional flex means one thing - loss of edge grip.

All that being said, you will be glad to know that the 724 Pro and the 724 Ax4 are full Sensor Wood Core skis. They're not Power construction, but they will be substantially better on the hard snow than the Vertigo Motion because they are stiffer and the additional wood will quiet more vibration.

If this is the main thing you are concerned about, don't be. I would also suggest than the Explosiv is not as good on hard snow as either the PRO or AX4, regardless of construction. As described above, it's just a function of width.

I'm glad you like the attribute of the Power construction, but the truth is that the newer constructions are indeed better for most skiers. Newer constructions allow the skis to maintain or even improve edge grip and stability without the need for skis that are too stiff. It's not really a cost thing - in fact, it's cheaper to make a Power construction ski - there are fewer machines required to cut and form the materials.

Power construction continues to be a viable method for the small segment of skis that need to be fairly stout - Race Stock skis. The Exlosiv is built exactly like them.

"Power" construction is best described as "old school"- Sensorwood Core, two full sheets of titanal, all wrapped in a fiberglass torsion box with ABS sidewalls.

The truth is that it is outdated for all but the strongest, highest performance skis made - full race stock models.

The Vertigo G3 and AX3 share the same wood cell core. The wood cell core is four independent wood pieces running lengthwise. There is a small column of PU foam between each piece of wood. The whole thing is wrapped in fiberglass.

The Vertigo G3 and AX3 are 99.9% the same. The only difference is that we put slightly more glass (but no less metal )in the AX3.

I can assume that the person who told you that there was reduced metal was confusing it with the 724 Pro - a new model that has no metal at all.
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