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wax irons in australia

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hi all,

recently picked up a wax iron when i was in canada and didnt give thought to its use when i got back to oz. was wondering if any one had any info on transformers so that i can use the iron without blowing it up.

if not, does anyone know where i can pick up an iron in australia



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If it's a dedicated wax iron, it should be _easier_ to find a transformer for it than for a regular clothes iron, it won't get as hot and it won't turn on as often.


Is there a wattage rating on the iron you have?    Most should be well under 1000W, so a transformer rated up to 15A ought to give you plenty of safety margin.

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thanks comprex


its a dedicated wax iron at 850W

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I don't know how expensive the iron you purchased in canada was, but I'd like to think that you could get a sufficient one at home for less than those power inverters cost.  Are you certain the one you have isn't dual voltage?  Many heat element appliances (hair dryers, curling irons, steam irons) actually are.  You may just need a plug adapter.  Go online and research your model number to be sure.

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The problem with a transformer is you need a pretty hefty one to handle 850 watts.


A voltage converter (VCA) should work if it's a simple iron, i.e. it doesn't have a digital temperature control. It should cost maybe thirty dollars US, I think.


Also (you've probably already done this), as crgildart suggested, check the label on the iron to make sure it won't work with Australian voltage. If there's a label that says something like "100-240V," you can just use a plug adapter.

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As suggested above, check the iron labels first. It may be designed to work on 100-240V already in which case you wouldn't need a transformer. Good luck!

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thanks for all the help, was very informative

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Originally Posted by blinkymel View Post

thanks for all the help, was very informative

There was once a (very) old joke about the Austrian who asks a Prussian for directions.


Remember what the Prussian said?


"Don't thank me, repeat the directions!"


So... what did you wind up doing?

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haha good point


i have managed to find a 220V iron on ebay for a reasonable price (was hesitant about getting something off ebay but a friend of mine got one and they are happy with it). it turned out to be alot cheaper and easier than getting a step-down transformer that could handle the voltage.



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