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What's missing

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Do you know what your missing?

Has your grin perhaps not been quite as huge when you reach the bottom of the run, your spontaneous expressions of joy or laughter not as frequent?

Did you get a pair of those new-fangled short radius skis a couple of years ago, and spend a lot of time making itty bitty short truns?


Perhaps it's the skis.


I spent almost the entire season on my 13-m radius skis this year.  I usually spent most of my time keeping the speed in the range where the ski could arc nicely, but I  did allow myself some excess and did perhaps once per run or maybe every other run find a section of the hill to ski faster than they were designed to ski.  At such times I was making GS or larger turns, but the skis were not making nice pure arcs.  Bumps, catching air and not hooking crud piles did require some skill.  It was still fun.  My SG race have skis stayed at the home base, far away.  I had only my 13-m radius skis and my "deep snow" skis aka 190 cm Volant Machetes Gs here at the outpost.  I managed to be away every time it snowed.  However on the last day of the season I decided to take the McGs out for a spin regardless of the lack of snow.


There was a little bit of ice at the top portion of the hill, which I cleverly compensated for by not making any turns on the top portion of the hill.  The rest of the hill was hero snow.  I spent the whole time just blasting GS turns as fast as I could go, catching lots of air, landing on edge, and generally blasting the hill.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to make large radius turns.


I remember fondly setting course so as to keep my speed high, but allow for some serious edge angles, and hitting terrain undulations to give me air time.  I distinctly remember deciding to get a drink of water in the lodge, and forgetting about it, and then remembering at the last moment and switching course on the final descent, holding my speed as long as possible and then braking in front of the ski racks (leaving the ground half a dozen time while in full brake mode due to terrain undulations; ski patrol problably thought I was going to end up in the lodge before I braked ).  I also fondly remember the left turn at the bottom of the run taking me to the lift and having to flex in it so as not to overwork the ski/snow and keep arcing at the end of it and then skidding into a braking turn with half a dozen or so flights into the air while braking towards the lift.


I remember racing down next to the lift to get a second "last run", and managing a third one without really trying.


Has it been a while since you too took a pair of skis with a large turn radius and just let them run?


Sure, those SL turns are fun, but arcing large radius turns and lots of air time over ordinary runs can be fun too. 


I also noticed this once a couple of years ago when I put on my old SGs, but the Volants alow a few more turns per run while still being able to arc at higher speeds.

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Re-reading the above, my point isn't clear.


I just wanted to say I had the most fun on the hill I had had all year, and almost missed out on it.


Don't miss out. If you have an old pair of long radius skis you haven't used for a while, you should give them a go.

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