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Fundraiser to benefit Shane McConkey's family

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Not sure if this has been posted in one of the other threads about Shane, but there's a fundraiser going on for his family--Shane did not have life insurance (he was considered un-insurable) and so his family will need whatever the ski community can give them. You'll get a beautiful poster, too.



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I am too.  Instead of asking if skiing off cliffs when you have dependent children is wise, we all go "gosh isn't that cool!  Lets heap on the adulation and pay people to risk their lives for our entertainment."


If we didn't fork over the money to watch this ski porn, they wouldn't have the helicopters etc. to do it.


Great. You stop watching ski porn then.


In the meantime I'm gonna buy one of these posters. I hope to hell that Shane's family is already taken care of by some means or another, but I'm gonna get one anyway. I won't say I "can't believe" it happened. He's probably lucky to have live as long as he did, but I'll still miss him and it's still a big loss.

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I am yet to meet the professional skier that is wealthy in terms of financial success.  I'm sure this fundraiser, and several other out there,  like the one for Doug Coombs will go to pay for his daughter's education and help the family with a very difficult time.  The message that his contribution was important and appreciated is the subject of this thread.  If you are inclined to second guess, then this is your thread



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This is a tough one. It's without question a personal decision to support this type of effort, or not. Many here are huge fans of Shane McConkey's. Without question he was an innovator, and an icon in the sport that we love. And, it's equally tragic that he left behind a young family. For those of who who don't have kids, this may be hard to grasp, but I've generally seen a change in people when they become parents. Pursuits that have a very high level of risk may get pulled back, even for some for whom it had been a profession. Most people tend to become more concerned with the future well-being of their children, and the thought of leaving them without a father at a young age is overwhelming. However, Shane McConkey was obviously not "most people", nor have been the dozen or so others who have died in the mountains in recent years. Perhaps he would prefer that the legacy he left his family was that this was  who he was, and what he did, and he died living his life to the fullest, as best he could. Who knows? But the standard of  "he died doing what he loved" can be shocked into reality when you see a young widow left to raise children with few resources. Let's hope that he has made good money, and set some aside. Or that the various companies with which he was associated step forward. If that's to happen, it has to happen fast as this will be old news sooner than many would like.


Rarely is there such  a thing as being "uninsurable". There is an insurance market for every risk. They may not be markets that the average agent or broker can access, or reach, but they are there. If in fact he was uninsured, then that was IMO irresponsible on the part of those for whom he was working. Guys making ski movies may feel that such coverage is too expensive {if they've even thought of it; most aren't exactly veteran buisness people}, perhaps the same is true for the equipment manufacturers who sold a lot of product through their relationships with Shane. I have no idea where his agent may have been on all of this. The response may be that, "in this business, we don't do that."  I would be willing to bet that the stunt man in a major film production, taking on a lot of risk, is somehow insured should he perish. I also bet that if somebody had coordinated this, and looked for a market for a $1MM or so policy {or more} it could have been found, at a premium that would be reasonable if shared among his sponsors, his employers and himself. I am under the impression, for example that F1 drivers are insurable....through the right markets.


This is becoming a big business, and perhaps Shane's death will be a wakeup call to others that both sides of the business....the film companies, ski manufactuers as well as the athletes....need to look into the financial realities involved in potentially dying doing this. My gut tells me that most athletes are so jacked to start "filming" for one of the filmmakers, and so pleased to have a few minor sponsorship deals, that this is not on the radar screen. Trying to scrape together some health insurance would be a lot more of a real world issue. Until they are at the top, nobody is making much money, I think. And as they get better, and take more risks, I don't think that this becomes a front and center issue. I'm saying that somebody at the top of these organizations should be thinking that they were asking him to risk his life {and financially benefitting from that risk}, and perhaps they and their advisors should have looked a bit harder for the insurance. No relatively young athlete is going to be thinking about dying. But if the athletes with families don't push back, and say that they're not doing this without some coverage, it won't happen.


And while Shane was the icon, and at the top, there is without doubt a long list of guys willing to step in to follow him. It's up to all of us to determine how to live our lives. What I'm hoping here is that his advisors and agents sat him down at some point, when he first had a family and gave him the harsh reality check that "you will likely die doing this if you keep it up. We're not going to stop you, as it's who you are and it is your career. However, we need to help you make the right financial moves to take care of your family should something happen." I hope that happened. Sometimes the tough conversations never take place.


In any case, it's a big loss, and biggest for his wife and family, in countless ways. The fact that forums like this, and TGR, exist and that he has touched so many people and fans, may create some financial help that IMO should have been provided for otherwise. If we have any athletes with families in the audience, please think about this.  I don't think that Newfy's comment was off-base.




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Looks to me like the money goes for a poster of some canyon in Utah for preservation. There's nothing that even states any money will even be given to his Wife is there?


Anyone investigate any of this before you snap to send money? It's not even a poster of McConkey.


so snap on me for some Maggot hearsay, ok?

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Lars, I expect that a more official fundraiser or the family's wishes will become known in the next few days.  I seriously doubt that the person involved in this informal fundraiser  would be acting out of anything but sincere desire to help using his photography and poster as the incentive to donate.  Anyone familiar with the TGR forums and the member taking donations wouldn't have a problem with it, and cross-posting this is not a problem.  For those not involved with TGR, feel free to wait for something that will surely be put together by his family or corporate sponsors.  Free choice.

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Thanks Cirq for moving the posts to a new thread.  This was the wrong place to discuss some of my ideas.  I sincerely hope his family is well provided for.

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No problem.  The discussion in the other thread is wothwhile, and I hope healing.  I wanted to put in a quote from (Wade) Holiday from that thread so that if members are looking for an alternative direct donation outlet organized by friends of the family in Truckee, they know where to go. www.shanemcconkey.org/




Originally Posted by Holiday View Post




People make choices, and live or die by them.


whichever side of this debate you come in on, i hope you remember Shane made his choices and we benefited,


if people here are inspired to contibute to shanes family, the poster guy could be great,


a new site posted by close local friends of Sherry and Shane here in Truckee might be a more direct source.




I understand both side of this arguement and wrestle w/ it

fact is, we need people like Shane and we need people behind the picket fence as described above.


to a good adventure.




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Originally Posted by Lars View Post


Looks to me like the money goes for a poster of some canyon in Utah for preservation. There's nothing that even states any money will even be given to his Wife is there?


Anyone investigate any of this before you snap to send money? It's not even a poster of McConkey.


so snap on me for some Maggot hearsay, ok?


Read the thread. 100% of the proceeds will benefit McConkey's family. The poster was originally made for something else and they have now been donated (by the maggot photog) for this purpose.

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