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Northwest "Oregon" Conditions: Ski Recommendations

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Hello all;


I've been reading various posts in various forums for the past couple of weeks and thought it worth my while to ask for some advice. I know there are probably a gazillion threads saying "what skiis should I get" but I thought I'd try again and get a few targeted answers.


I could be wrong, but it appears that most of the skiiers in the posts I read are skiing out East? I don't think that probably matters, but I'm beginning to notice that conditions out here are quite different than back east :).




Me. I learned to ski--mostly self-taught? When I was in high school. That was way too long ago. I was skiing almost daily at a small hill in MN of all places. I had Fischer Top Mids which I vaguely recall were about 180cm.


Now, here I am in Oregon and I have been skiing for two seasons at Mount Hood (tried snowboarding but just wasn't patient enough to pick it up--although recommendations on that would be cool too). I ski at Timberline and Meadows. I currently have Rossignol Actys 200 which are about 175cm.


I would rate myself as intermediate and in need of a lesson but to be honest, I can't afford it. Come to think of it I can't afford the skiis all of you will recommend but at least I'll have the list for future shopping.


Conditions. The skiis I bought originally--the Rossis--are great for groomers and carving. I like that. However, I am miserable in a foot of wet Pacific NW powder.. A couple of snowdrifts and I are good friends just a few weeks back ;).


I don't have a problem with shaped skis. I have not, however, ever used a "fatter"ski. Of course all my ski friends--most 15 years younger than I--keep telling me to get various twin-tip fatter skis.


I would like to ski in powder (moderate levels.. not avalanche over a cliff), AND on groomers, and have something which does well in crud.  We are still going strong with the season out here; in fact I am going up tomorrow.


So:   What ski is good for a mixture of conditions but tends to do better in groomed/moderate icey conditions yet still does a good job in powder.

        What is a good intermediate boot.

 Any gear recommendation would be greatly appreciated :)!


Mount Hood Meadows last weekend :)


-Jimmy Jessex

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The pic is looking up the main lift at Mount Hood Meadows on Friday 13th, 2009 :)

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If you can swing it, come out to Bachelor and Dawgcatchings shop in Sunriver.  He knows his skis and has great prices.  He'll know what will work for you.





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Newfydog! Thanks. I've been trying to get to Bachelor to ski. Still any good weather in the next three weeks? Some friends and I were thinking of heading down for a weekday in Bend.

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The mountain is in great shape.  Who knows what the weather will be, but the Natl Weather service does do a Bachelor specific forcast.  Sometimes it is worth looking at.



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