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So I just bought a pair of '04 i.GS's in 180cm. Tyrolia FF+ d17 bindings on the Vist WC plate. Need to move the bindings for my boot sole, so I unscrewed one of them and found that the plates have been drilled twice. One of the binding screws has sheared off in it original hole and the guy I bought these from basically had the broken screw doing nothing. I'm pretty sure I'll get a conflict of holes if the plates are drilled again - probably with the sheared off screw, though it might be possible to go fore or aft to avoid it.


Everything I've read about the Vist plate, particularly on this ski, indicates that its a beast. I may be an aggressive skier and 205lbs, but I'm not a WC racer.


I have a pair of CP13 SLR plates doing nothing, so I'm tempted to rip off the Vist plates and mount these instead. By my reckoning that should help a mere mortal ski these skis and avoid the redrilling problems. Are there actually any compelling reasons for keeping the Vist plates? Good reasons not to use the CP13 plates?