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Nordica SpeedMachine 14's

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I am thinking about getting some new boots for next season.  At the present time I have some of the orginal Nordica Beasts, and absolutely love them.  I have been looking into the Nordica SpeedMachine 14's  and the Dobermans, I was wondering if anyone out there has  these two types of boots & and what their thoughts are.

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I use the speedmachine 14 and love them.  They were really good out of the box with just a liner molding.  Then after about 20 days of skiing they started to crush me in the 6th toe area.  I took them in about 6 times to get ground and punched.  Each of these fixes lasted a day or so.  On the last trip to the bootfitter I was adamant...  I want the shell moved, I can't tale it any more.  When I picked the boots up the next day they were really blown out.  They look a little like clown boots.  Guess what, problem solved.  This year I had Stephan AKA skiing in jackson fit some Intuition liners for me.  Now they are perfect.  I keep these boots at The Village and started using an older pair of boots at The King.  The older boots are 80 or 90 flex and kinda suck.  It is really proof positive of how important boots are. 

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I made the transition from the original Beast's to the Speedmachine 14 this year.  Both of these boots work well for me, but they are very different animals.  Both of these boots have a similar fit (higher volume with more width in the toe box). 


The original Beast has a stiffer and shorter flex pattern, and more upright stance than the SM14.  The Beast has a hinge point that is symetrical, so that you flex straight forward, whereas, the hinge point on the Speedmachine is offset, so that you flex a little more quickly to the inside edge. 


When skiing the Beast I feel direct power into the ski and to the edge - but its kind of "brute force" power.  With the Speedmachine, the flex is deeper and more progressive (gets stiffer with more flex), so I don't feel immediate power transfer, but the deeper flex allows me to have a better "feel" for the turn.  


So, my take on it, is that both are good boots for an advanced to expert skier, with similar fit characteristics.  But, they ski differently and the new boot will take some time to get used to.    

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I went from Beasts so SM 14 without much adjustment.  The fit is fairly close with the SM being just a tad narrower.  The SM 14 on its soft flex setting is pretty much the same stiffness as the Beast.  The SM 14 feel a bit faster on hard snow.  I don't notice much difference on soft snow.  I put an SM 14 liner in my Beasts recently and still use them from time to time & don't have any problems switching back and forth.

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I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has tried out the Dobermann 130's as well.   Right now its a toss up between the SM14's and the Dobermann 130's

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I tried the Doberman 130st but decided I couldn't spend a day in them.  They have a 98mm last while the Beast has a 101mm last and the SM 14 has a 100mm last.  I found the SM 14 to be a bit snugger than the Beast which was great for me as I wanted a tighter fit.  The Doberman 130 was too much snugger.  I would have had to have some boot work done to make it tolerable for a long day and even then it might have been too tight.

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Rio,  I have a fairly narrow foot so the 3 mm differences in the toe box shouln't matter too much.  I've always perferred a tighter fitting boot.  I will have to go to the local shop and try a pair or two on.  Althought, with the ski season over (mid west) and no budget to head West (Alta & Snowbird each received 20+ last night.  ), I will have to wait to try them on the hill next year.

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