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 Speaking of funny events from the season, I stumbled across these reports and they are hilarious.  For example:



December 25th- The canyon highway was closed and Interlodge 

was again put into effect for avalanche control.  Another young lady, 

suffering the effects of the previous evening’s alcohol consumption 

was attended to after driving into the Wildcat Parking area by way 

of leaving the road just west of the Alta Lodge.  Amazingly, after a 

several hundred yard trip over the cliff, neither vehicle nor driver 

was damaged.  



and then a couple months later:



March 1st, 5:20 pm-  Remember the woman drove/flew the spectacular, 

“Dukes of Hazzard short-cut” into the Wildcat Parking area a few months ago?   

She earned citizen of the day honors as a pedestrian when she found and returned a 

wallet and turned it over to the Marshal’s Office.  The owner was located and 

gratefully rewarded her for this act of honesty.  At 9:28 pm, the deputy on duty 

responded to one of the lodges regarding a report that jewelry had been taken.  The 

property was located and no further action was taken. 



Here are the full reports: