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Buying boots in NYC

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Hey guys...I just picked up skiing this year, and I want to get a pair of boots now, while the sales are going on...like this one.  I definitely haven't been satisfied with the rental boots I've used, so I want to get a good fitting.  Is there anywhere in NYC with a good selection of boots and good fitters? People have told me to get to a mountain to get boots, but it's not particularly easy for me to do, so if there's somewhere in the city with good selection, deals, and fitters, I'd love to hear about it.



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What's the rush other than the potential savings. Boots deserve more attention than any other piece of gear and it's important that they are done right. I think it's likely that you'll still find a good deal if you wait.


IMHO, You're far better off finding a good fitter just before you go skiing next season. That way if something doesn't work out perfectly after trying them on the slope, the shop can keep tweaking until they fit right. It's a long time between now and late fall.

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Yeah, I was thinking of doing it now because of the price.  The first time I go skiing next season is likely to be in the Alps, so if I buy then, it's not likely to be at a place I'll get back to soon!  Though I would spend a week there, so there'd be time to get necessary adjustments...

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