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I, too, am taking the plunge!

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Since I've been teaching ski lessons here in Texas on a deck for about a month now, I'm addicted to it! Teaching, that is! And now, I'm ready to skip town and head for the mountains...

Anybody got some leads on hiring on at a ski school near you? I know it's late, but I've read some areas aren't doing their hiring camps until December.

I'm gonna take a look at Taos, Park City, and maybe Deer Valley.

Anyhoo, your help would be much appreciated by this Texan...
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If ya do get to Park City/Deer Valley, send me a message. I'll be there 12/21-24 and will treat to ribs at Texas Red's.
Hope it works out for you!!!!
(Based on my experience at DV, you need a Brit/Aussie/Kiwi accent to work there. )




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Go get em...
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Good luck, Inester! It's a tougher year to get a job at a ski resort, but I'm sure few ski schools will turn down a qualified candidate anyway. If you find yourself in my part of Colorado, look me up!

Here's a question you're likely to be asked wherever you apply:

Why do you want to teach skiing?

What's your answer?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Eldora is still hiring. Call 303-440-8700 and ask for Tom Hoffman. He is the Assistant Ski School Director and is a nice guy. It's a great place to ski and a good place to work. Boulder is just down the road and is a great town.
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Lots of areas will sweep you up first if you want to be part time. and second if you want to work over the crazy weeks. Ie christmass, new years etc.
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If you're looking at Taos, check out Angel Fire as well. Great Training Program! Too drunk in South Dakota,

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Thanks for all of the responses!

I should hear back from the Taos guys this week. That's my #1 choice, since it's close to Texas. Plus, I'm pretty familiar with the place and surrounding area.

Bob, I may just take you up on your offer, my man. The answer to your question is easy, and true: "to bring the enjoyment of skiing to those who are seeking". I love to ski, bottom line. And to watch someone smile as they get better and start enjoying themselves more, well, that makes it worth while to me.

I'll keep everyone posted...
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