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What's the closest to Boston that's still open? I'm going to be in the area this weekend. I'm looking for easy terrain to ski with my niece, as close to the city as possible.

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Waterville, NH is not real close (130 miles, 2hrs), but pretty sure it will still be open

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We went to WV today and it definitely got too cold last night. The Valley Run (long green, only one left open except for the JBar) was very crunchy and in pretty terrible shape, and it was only marginally better higher on the mountain. Probably would have softened up a bit if we had stuck around for the afternoon, but we went and did other things instead. Our season is over.

I'd guess you'd probably have to head further North to find decent conditions on easy terrain. I might have taken the drive to Bretton Woods if I'd know what WV was going to be like...WV must not have updated the weather forecast on their website from a previous weekend, it claimed they were expecting some snow last night. 

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I skiied at Bretton Woods this afternoon. A couple inches of new snow had softened into a thin coat of mashed potatoes on top of softening corn. Not bad but I'll bet it was great earlier in the day. Coverage seemed good. Bretton Woods is not the most esciting place to ski but very pleasant and a Sunday afternoon pass is $15 for NH residents.  Cannon looked good as I drove by. Quite a few bare spots were showing up but thats Cannon for you. Next weekend is the last for Bretton Woods I'm told.


Fly fishing season opens soon after.

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So Bretton Woods got the snow I was looking for!!

The real tipoff that the forecast I saw was old was that it said the low Saturday night was going to be 18 degrees, I'm sure it didn't get below freezing in WV.

Bretton Woods would definitely be great for easy terrain for the OP's niece, but it is quite a hike from Boston. If it's getting cold at all overnight, I'd also suggest targeting the afternoon for softer snow. We probably made a mistake going in the morning, but that's been our routine...it was just way too crunchy/icy.

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Sugarbush and Stowe both got fresh snow over the weekend but likely got some rain on top of that more recently.


Sunday River and Sugarloaf are sure to have good snow throughout April.


In short, got to head further north for the last weeks of the season.  It's worth the further drive.

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Looks like fresh powder in northern VT, NH, and ME. according to Doppler. Looks like could be a great weekend of spring skiing.


Waiting for some numbers.  Can anyone confirm?

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I was at Okemo on Sunday and the conditions were so-so.  There were quite a few bare spots/patches and some of the trails were marginal at best.  However they still had some decend bumps/moguls.  They closed the Jackson Gore lift on Sunday, and the rest of the resort will close this Sunday.  FYI - they are having a discount ticket of $29 (mention  code "gokemo29") good for the remaining time they are open.


Anyway it was a great season and I am putting all the gear away - looking forward to do some mountain biking instead!!!

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Hi All,


FWIW, just got from 3 days skiing at Stowe, Monday through Wednesday (Apr6th-8th). Exceeded all expectations. Hats off to the folks who take care of the slopes. Monday was good on top, softer, but fun on lower half. Rain did not come until after 4PM. Then rain rain rain, all night at base level. Tuesday, upper mountain in good shape but by midday lower half was like skiing in paste. Still, beats working. Snowed all Tuesday night and first half of wednesday. Son #2 and I got three runs of untracked powder (6-8") on uppert nosedive before joined by others. Not a bump skiier so I can't comment on those.


Weather looks "good" for this weekend so the fun looks to continue.


Never been to Stowe, but after this trip definately returning sometime during peak season. two locals made the expwerience even more gratifying by curtious advice andan inpromptu lesson on powder skiing (we are certified pocono ice grinders:-). Great folks. What a wonderful experience.

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