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From "A" shape to parallel

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I would like to understand better how the turn is performed with the "Phantom Move". I will explain better this issue.

How I turn currently: (I know it´s wrong)
- I go transverse on parallel.
- In the moment I want to turn, my uphill ski (future stance foot) turns, forming "A" shape.
- At the precise moment I am looking downhill the skis are on "A" shape.
- Then I slide my inside foot (free foot) to get parallel with the outside foot.

How is the "Phantom Move": (the way I understood)
- As the the balance is transfered to the uphill foot (the stance foot in future) in a transverse, the skis naturally starts to turn downhill.
- Then the new inside foot (free foot) starts tiping towards the little toe. While this happens, the skis naturally continues to turn, untill balance is transfered again linking the new turn.

Is it like this? Is is really not necessary any slide or twist?

What determines how close or opened the turn will be? The free foot?

thanks a lot,

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Welcome to Epicski Gustavo, No you don't need to twist the outside foot to turn and there is no real right and wrong way only ways that are more efficient.

The Phantom Move is a bit more complicated than it would appear to be in the book and is a good exercise but you really should seek help to make sure that you are performing the Phantom Move correctly. The Phantom move can provide big breakthroughs for some people and not for others. I think part of the variability in outcomes for many is not really performing the Phantom move correctly or following the rest of the progressions.

There are also other exercises and things that go with the Phantom move that complement and encourage good skiing. There are many pitfalls along the way and PMTS is a system meaning that you need the sum of the parts to get the whole.

Keep and open mind, PMTS is only one of several avenues to get to advanced skiing.

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Gustao, what you call an "A" shape, over here is called the wedge or stem, depending if it is done with one or both skis.

We call it an A-shape or A-frame when the skier skis with the knees together and the skis apart.

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