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April 1st

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Anybody have any funny experiences, or ideas, re: funny things to do on April Fools Day?



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Here’s some very funny stuff for April 1, 2009:

-Bring any 3 non-perishable food items to Okemo on Wednesday, April 1, 2009 and ski the entire day for FREE! All donations collected will be distributed to local food banks.

-½ price tickets at MRG

-$1 tickets at Waterville Valley, NH

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Once years ago my wife and I were watching the late news on TV on April 1.  She worked for a bank at the time.  She left the room for a moment and when she was gone I made a big noise of surprise and when she came back into the room I told her that they had just reported that her bank had failed and that employees were not supposed to report to work.  She just about fainted.  Then she just about killed me when she found out that it was an April Fools joke.


I don't think that this would be a funny joke this year.

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Just out of High School a friend of mine started dating my previous girlfriend.


The cook at the restaurant we all worked at called him posing as a doctor, reporting he had to contact anyone who I had a relationship with, and everyone they had relationships stemming from me to prevent an 'itchy' outbreak.


It took about 30 seconds and there was his silver Camaro flying down the road to Walgreen's for some 'itchy' shampoo.


We all still laugh over that one.

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On April 1st I tell people in the tram line that the chair up top is closed so there's no point taking the tram up unless they're planning on doing the offpiste routes back down to the valley.


Oh, wait, I do that all the time...

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Patrol left the closed sign flipped at the top of a glade so I flipped it back to closed under a chair on a pow-day and some dude says from the chair how come you closed it. I yelled Avy danger! Guy next to him started laughing. This area is low angle with trees. I'm a bad person. okbye.

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April Fool's:


Your were the one seen on

December, 08 Skiing Magazine on page 16

Skiing the Vertical at Haines, Alaska.

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April 1 is Gaper Day at Steamboat.  They were going to have everyone on the hill to prevent a repeat of last year.  I haven't heard any reports from yesterday's festivities.

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Snowballs are now banned at Jackson Hole.  Somebody damaged a tram car yesterday at the bottom of the hill.  I wish it was April Fools.

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I wasn't there, but I would bet that the cops showed up and incited the crowd to get even rowdier.  I am not down with property damage.  But I dislike the cops coming in and trying to quiet down a tradition.  I haven't done the last tram for years because I would rather ski.  If the scene is too rowdy then leave and go do something else. 

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