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Lodging near A-basin?

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So Far 3 of us going in mid-april, Any suggestions for condo or decent lodging?

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Hey Finn, my wife and I stayed at a place near A-Basin called the Western Skies B&B. Couldn't have been nicer, though the owners were a little, how would I put it, obsessively neat. Not a bad thing, that, really. Anyway, quite nice lodge with individual rooms or cabins, in the woods halfway up the road to A-Basin.

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Have always stayed in nearby Dillon, about 15 minutes away. Usually stayed on Buffalo Ridge, ton's of Condo's most with a great view of Buffalo Mountain. Try Twin Seasons in Dillon, they have lots of properties.





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Lots of good condo deals at that time of year.  Just do a little internet searching and then give the agent a call to see it they will deal.  I also have had good luck with Twin Seasons Vacations (www.twinseasons.com).  Note they are in Silverthorne, not Dillon.

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