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I am a lower to mid intermediate level getting kind of bored on the slopes . I have 46 days so far this season hoping to make it 50 . Have started to venture into the woods and onto some more challenging terrain with more and more confidence .My 06-07 Elan speedwave 8's are working ok on the groomers I have to make them work everywhere else . I am looking at the legend 4800 07-08 model , head monster 76 ,rossi b2 or b78  .Or go with an all mountain ski such as the ac 20 ,hotrod overdrive , or magfire 78  X-wave 8 ,something in that range . I also like the review of the elan 777 .I'm thinking the all-mountain ski will not be a disappointment but I had the opportunity to demo some freeride 2010 skis (head Peak 76) in 163cm and the (sultan 80 )in 172cm a tad long for me @5'4" 160lbs and I really liked the way they handled off the slope but did not get to make anymore than two runs with each ski.Has anyone been in this dilema ?