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^^Great post Wildcat.  Shane was definitely a true legend of skiing, and was an incredibly inventive and passionate ambassador of the sport.  And of course, his sense of humor and unique personality made him one the most like-able skiers out there.  He will be greatly missed.

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From Matchstick productions athlete info on Shane McConkey:


Who is your favorite historical character?

It’s not really one person. I admire the ancient explorers. The ones from many thousands of years ago that we don't have any exact record of.  The ones who traveled great distances and over seas and continents in search of new possibilities or because of necessity.

Photo: Matchstick Productions

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I'm shocked!  What a loss! 

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This does suck. Shane has been one of my favorite skiers the past 10-15 years. He was nice enough to stop and let me take his picture at SIA last year.


He seemed to be a guy who didn't take himself too seriously but was passionate about skiing -- much like Glen Plake.




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Really sad news. His personality really came through in his interviews and film segments. Although I didn't meet him, he seemed like a great guy who was having a lot of fun.


Terrible loss......

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So sad.


RIP Shane.

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Major major bummer.  You truly made skiing a better sport Shane.  RIP.

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I got to meet and talk with him at the Tsaina Lodge (Alaska/Chugach) about 10 years ago.  I remember being impressed that he was so much more articulate than the few film segments I'd seen him in suggested.  We mostly talked about Volant skis as that was what I was skiing on.  He lived an amazing life and brought much to our sport.

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The kids up the street gave me the movie "There's Something About McConkey" to watch a number of years ago. There was no doubt something very endearing about the guy and hearing of his death is very sad indeed.


You can only wish bad stuff like this wouldn't happen to great people and they would always be able to dodge death. Although I'm sure everything he did was greatly calculated and executed, this accident reinforces just how dangerous base jumping is.



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I've had about 12 hours to let this sink in now.  I was very sad last night, and now I'm just kinda numb.  I don't have a lot to say that hasn't been said, nor have things changed in my mind since yesterday, so my thoughts go out to his friends, family, and all here in the ski community who are feeling a loss because of this tragedy.  Now, I just wish all the best to his family and friends - I hope that you find some comfort in knowing just how much of an influence he had on all of us.  May he Rest In Peace.  Prayers and +++vibes+++ to all.


I'll just cut & paste my posts from TGR yesterday:


"I never knew the guy, but as I watched and "got to know" him over the years through movies and print, I feel like I did. The world is a lonelier place today. It so sad to see the great fall...   I'll lift a glass to Shane tonight."
"I've been absorbing all this through the evening since my earlier post. I also watched "There's Something About McConkey" in an attempt to lighten my mood and get the world back into some semblance of balance for me... One "non-Shane" comment...

It really humbles me to see what kind of COMMUNITY skiers really are. The outpouring of grief, memories, stoke, and stories is what is so amazing about what we all live for. I hope this would make Shane proud. It has drawn many tears from me over the course of the evening, but it has also drawn as many smiles... Even in tragedy and grief, it's the sport and LIFEstyle that gives us the courage to rise above something so horrible.

Times like this are why I ski, and why I post here.

Here's to Shane..."
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I am utterly devasted to lose such a great guy. I first met Shane about 12 years ago and have enjoyed the time I've spent with him.  Over the years I was constantly blown away with the kindness and passion of Shane. He will be greatly missed, for his wonderful personality and for his contributions to our sport.  When I got home yesterday I had a slew of messages about this tragedy, and I was floored.  Now, having the night to let this sink in I'm deeply saddened but think that the best way I can honor Shane is to go right back out and make some turns in his memory.

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A very sad day.


All the best to his family in this tough time.

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You know what an amazing skier he is. And skiers here at Squaw know what a wonderful person he is: open, friendly, humble, and generous. He showed me some stuff one storm day, before I knew who he was, and after some skiing, I still just thought he was some scraggly, hardcore local. We miss you, Shane.

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definitely one of my heroes.

I was lucky enough to ski with him a few times at Squaw a few years ago. This was when me and my friends were starting our small ski company and we were one of the first indie ski companies on the market. So we were in the lift line at KT and Shane is behind us with the Gaffney brothers and I think Shane Anderson and he starts asking us about our skis. He was all into what we were doing. This was just after Volant dropped him and he got picked up K2 and he was riding their new at the time Apache Chiefs which had a similar shape to our prototype Bro Models. So he rode the lift with us and we ended up swapping skis since we had the same boot length as he wanted to try them out. We had to switch skis in some trees where no one could see us though because he didn't want anyone seeing him skiing on anything other than K2 since he had just signed with them and there was a lot of press buzz out about it. And for some reason I couldn't get my boot into his binding so he was making fun of me as only Shane McConkey could saying things like, "Geez you guys are making powder skis and you don't even know how to put a ski on in powder". :mrgreen: It felt awesome to get razzed by an icon and one of my ski heroes when I was growing up :)

He will be sorely missed by many. Good bye Shane.

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We lost an icon yesterday.  This is one of the losses that will hurt for years to come.  I feel terrible for his family and friends.  I respect him for doing what he loved, sadly it took his life.  RIP Shane, you will be missed.

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Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces View Post


definitely one of my heroes.

I was lucky enough to ski with him a few times at Squaw a few years ago. This was when me and my friends were starting our small ski company and we were one of the first indie ski companies on the market.


For what it's worth...


I hung out with him at the NYC premiere of Claim.  Some guy came up and mentioned that he was skiing a quiver of 'Toons and Seths.  I responded that I was skiing the indie version of the same quiver -- Bros and Praxis.  Shane's was extremely complimentary of both.  I haven't mentioned it before because I didn't want to get him in trouble with a sponsor, but that seems like a moot point now.

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Very Sad - God Bless. 

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Pic of Shane and my daughter at the bottom of Roca Jack in Portillo, Chile. He was always smiling.



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Sad, sad news, especially after a season so full of fatal accidents. My condolences to all his friends and family.

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Skiers atop Schmidiot's line Chimney Chute Squaw Valley celebrate Shane with thouhts and fireworks, here launching a bottle rocket down the line Shane cavorted over and skied often.


We sure do miss him.

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Terrible.  My prayers are with his wife and daughter.  Hard to fathom how something so pure can go wrong and end a life.     

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This is a huge blow to the ski world and to the Lake Tahoe/Squaw region. Shane was one of the reasons that Squaw has a great buzz when the skiing is good on the mountain.


Watching him charge the Fingers on a powder day is a memory that will be burned into my brain for a very long time.  The speed and smoothness was something to behold, along with the cheering from KT.


This has been a tough year at Squaw, and this doesn't make it any easier. My prayers go out to his wife, daughter and all his good friends. The world is a lesser place without his energy in it. RIP

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Shane McConkey dead 1969-2009

Very condolences to everyone associated with him.   I dont know much about extreme skiers but have seen Shane ski on video; he was an amazing skier.

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Very condolences to everyone associated with him.   I dont know much about extreme skiers but have seen Shane ski on video; he was an amazing skier.

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Shane McConkey dead 1969-2009

A small group of skiers celebrates Shane's life above Schmidiot's line Chimney Chute Squaw Valley. This was a place where Shane's cavorting and antics blew our minds and made us laugh. Today we shot off some fireworks and shared stories to relay his energy to the wind on its way around the mountains of the world.

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Jeez - just logged on and saw this post - sad news.  I always really enjoyed his skiing and he starred in one of my favourite ski flicks - immersion. 

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