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Garmin GPS

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I was wondering if any of yose guyz youze one of deeze?


Are they worth it? They use one with the map tracking to lay out maps for the wvmba race series. I was considering one in the future. Are the Garmins the standard to go by?



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There are few folks in the club I ride with that use them and seem to be happy with them. I came close to springing for one myself but made the mistake (or not) of looking for reviews on the edge series and was uncomfortable with the number of negative reviews concerning reliability, at least on the mid priced unit I was interested in. As it was not something I really needed, I backed off. There an interesting discussion of the 705 at http://www.bikeforums.net/archive/index.php/t-457472.html, I just googled for gamin edge problems or garmin xxx reviews, where xxx is the model number.  If I was going to buy one of edge's and I may in the future, I'd be off looking for discounts on Square Trade warranties and include the accidental handling coverage. I'm not a big extended warranty guy but there are times when it makes sense.   - Gene 

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I have an Edge 305 that has about 5k miles on it and I have had no problems whatsoever.  I love all the data I get out of but hey I'm geeky that way.  Can't wait to get a power meter and upgrade to the 705 so I have more data to stare at and not ride

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I have a Garmin GPS MAP 76CS that fits in my inside pocket.  I'm pretty happy with it, though to be honest the novelty wears off after a few times, and I usually don't bother bringing it to the ski hill anymore.

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