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K2/PBR Steamboat powdercats

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 I think I had posted that I won a K2 sales contest and the grand prize (for each region) was a trip to Steamboat Powdercats. I will do a separate review of Steamboat Powdercats top notch organization. Yesterday was the first day and it was "Epic", we got about 2-3 at our house and by the time we arrived at the cat, there was about 6" there..at the top was a good 18" and it was puking all day, by the end it there was a good 24" of Steamboats finest champagne powder..here are some (of the 800+) pics from yesterday...













Thank You, Powdercats, K2 and Pabst Blue Ribbon!


Here are more images from Powdercats site.... http://www.steamboatpowdercats.com/images/Gallery/2009/3.25.09/index.htm

and there is some posted on my Facebook.

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I've been waiting for this TR.  Excellent.  Hope you get some more up in Montana...

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Powdercats does a top-shelf job from the quality of guides to the cats and terrain itself. Phil, you rock and most importantly, the you are certainly no longer the "anti-pow"  :)  Rip it up and earn props for the bears! I wish I was there with you!

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I see you broke out the PBR fatties.  How appropriate.  Nice photos.

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Just and FYI- The Boat got 9 overnight and are expecting 8-16 today!

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Was a killer day again today. We got a ton of fresh over night with spots that were chest deep. Will post pics later or tomorrow when I have time at the airport.  

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Sick TR. Me = Jealous...

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Sweet shots.  Great day!

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Here are some pics from 5/26. I will be posting the rest on FB. 







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Nice Phil.


Powdercats always do a great job. The most fun I've had on snow. Does anyone still wonder why Steamboat is my favorite? When there is snow, there is no better place to ski. And, it is the best powder anywhere.

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you should have this one framed. looks a lot fun than the slush face shots i've been getting around here.






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The K2 peep's must love the shots of the PBR's. I thinkin of Tiger's shot at the Masters on the 16 th hole when he chipped in and the ball stayed on the lip showing the Nike logo. Same deal! They are one ski you know from miles away. Does K2 love the custom paint job on top?


Jealous .... hell no, it's 65 and sunny in Philly. Yuk!


Rock on

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Powdercats took litterally 1400 pictures in the two days of skiing and  they didn't charge for ONE. Each person got a DVD with all of them which is included in the cost. Usually in a day or two of skiing you are happy to get one or two great shots...we each got 15-20 of that are worthy of "wall of fame" framing. These guys are masters at talking shots, not just of you skiing, but pictures to remember the experience.


I will add a big kudos to Steamboat Powdercats. I have been with a couple of powdercat companies but none were near the professionalism that ran their day of skiing with. From the moment they picked us up to when they brought us back to their very nice offices. The paperwork was direct, to the point and completed without fan fair. For anyone who didn't have skis, skis such as Coomba's and Pontoons were offered along with poles (with huge baskets) . They have us boot up there then head up to the hill. The road up is nasty and I think they recruit all of their drivers from northern New England seeing/feeling how they handled the road up, I don't know if Colin McCrae could have handled a 15 passenger van with such control. 


At the cat, they unloaded us all into the cat, which is a very nice cat indeed. On the way up, we had our briefing then off to ski. Part of their job does entail being an Austrailian Sheep Dog and keeping everyone together, this was good in basically whiteout conditions. We all felt we had enough room but never felt we would get into something that we couldn't get out of. The first day we did 14 laps, no one had an altimeter but it was in the neighborhood of 18,000 vert. The second day was 12 due to deeper snow slowing the cat a bit. 


All in all, if you are going to do cat skiing in Colorado or "west", Steamboat Powdercats should be at the top of your shopping list. 

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 These are the kind of TR's that really prove that building the right quiver really can help you achieve snowgasm's, especially when Steamboat Powdercats is your partner!!

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Those pics are just off the charts.  Wonderful adventure I'm sure. 

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SteamboatPowdercat  + deep deep pow = 


Possibly the best day of the year?

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Best Day Ever?  :)



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Originally Posted by WILDCAT View Post


SteamboatPowdercat  + deep deep pow = 


Possibly the best day of the year?

As Finn says, it is a top 5 evvverrrrr. 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post


 These are the kind of TR's that really prove that building the right quiver really can help you achieve snowgasm's, especially when Steamboat Powdercats is your partner!!


If I ever win a prize like this my quiver would certainly swell much FATTER in anticiapation of the trip.  Good things happen to good people.  Phil, you are great at selling folks what they really need and want (in that order).  In addition to your superior product knowledge, you're friendly and outgoing personality is the icing on the cake (err um powdered sugar?).  I'm sure you really earned this and it is well deserved.

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Absolutely fantastic stuff Phil.  I'm very very very very jealous! 

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Unfreakin' real ....

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Steamboat delivers - AGAIN !!

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Great report and pics. Looks like the Steamboat PowderCats have come a long ways since the Jupiter and Barbara Jones days.

My wife and I went out with them 25 years ago, and I can still remember the whole day from peeps practice to the long road up, to skiing it back down. The skis were different, but the Steamboat powda hasn't changed much. I remember skiing on an old pair of Rossi STSs.....I think.

FYI They are how I got my handle 'snokat', also my license plate.

I know the Keystone Cat service doesn't do ANY vids or pics for you, that is a real nice service to offer.

Props to SPC.

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