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I went to Dodge Ridge a few days ago to demo skis. 

Conditions - 35 groomed trails, 25 trails with ~16 inches fresh powder

Skis I demoed: Volkl AC30, Rossignol Phantom SC 80, and K2 Apache Crossfire; all were 170cm


I started out with the AC30s, but I found that they were too slow edge to edge, so the guy at the shop recommended I try the Phantom 80s instead.  He said they are awesome skis that people tend to overlook, so I decided to give them a chance.  The Phantom 80s were much faster edge to edge, but chattered more at high speeds.


The Crossfires were my favorite, but I am looking for an all mountain ski, so I wouldn't consider buying them.


I searched for reviews of the Phantom 80s and peoples' opinions of them seem to be split.  They were Ski Magazine Finalists for 08/09 and some people online claim they have a top speed over 50mph (I don't know how fast I ski, but I doubt it is over 50mph), while others say they are too soft with too low of a top speed.


So, my questions are....

Are there any skis that are similar to the Phantom 80s, but with a higher top speed?

How would a 175 Phantom 80 compare to the 170 I demoed?



How does the Dynastar Legend 8000 compare to the Rossignol Phantom 80?

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