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grey spots on base...

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Crap...I knew I was pushing it but I didn't have access to waxing tools....so as the title says, I have a couple small grey spots on my bases. Do i continue with a good round of waxing..or are there steps that I need to take in addition. As an aside, cause I was relying on someone elses wax gear I just bought my own kit (the maplus tools for boards). I can't wait to get it!



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Just brush skis, wax them and you will be fine :) Grey spots are perfectly normal thing. Sure it would be great if you could avoid them, but it's just not possible. On a bit more aggressive snow, you get them (on well prepared skis) before end of day. So it's not end of world if you have grey spots on your skis :) Just wax your skis, and if you will see base soaks wax more on some spots, wax them twice or 3 times, and your skis will be fine again :)

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so on my recent trip to stowe, in spite of the spring conditions, I decided to ski hard past 4:00 pretty much every day.  since the variable crud refroze around  3:00 or so, i found myself skiing on skied off ice, very abrasive "sand" snow and rock hard moguls.  as a result, I now have what I think is base burn and abrasions on the bottom of my bases, mostly around the toe area/sweet spot on both skis.  so now there are loose ptex hairs on the base that are visable. 


can I just brush the ptex hairs away and wax or do I need to do something more extensive?

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Don't worry about it too much, early and late season by my 3rd run my bases near the edge are turning white.

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Throw 'em away.  Better yet, I have a ski disposal service.  You get them to me and I'll take care of the rest... 

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