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Wasatch gets nuked

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We are in the midst of a multi day storm that is bringing mid winter conditions and feet of powder. I'll post my day and everybody pile on. I want to hear about all the othewr resorts. My friend who lives at Alta says Friday is going to be THE DAY... but today, holly crap...

 I skied  Alta Monday with two feet and posted a TR- then it sort of cleared yesterday (although the Cottonwoods probably didn't) and last night we got a report of 6" at the PC resorts. I went up just for the heck of it not expecting much. The front of the mountain had 6". Mid Mountain had 12" The back bowls had 18" to two feet in spots. With the drifts, we had thigh deep powder in lots of places- especially chutes and trees. I can't wait to hear from the Cottonwoods. The wind was gale force on the ridge tops- I actually nearly got blown off on a ridgehike, probably not very smart, hiking up high... Driving, dumping snow all day. Really nice consistancy- sugary and light. There's very few people out this time of year in this storm. Deer Valley, in the trees would have been great today. No complaints. The back bowls of PCMR were amazing. Scott's was blown in, thigh deep and hardly tracked. I guess only crazy people make that hike in this storm. Anyway, here's some art shots; I didn't have my camera again. I had no idea how good this would be. Used the phone. kind of cool shots, though....

Ice whiskers

Ice Whiskers




Pete on his MonoBoard




Pete buckles up before dropping into Scott's Bowl




Looking over the cornice into Scott's Bowl. The wind had dumped several feet of blower under that lip.




Hiking this ridge was probably a bad idea...but the untracked pow below was worth it.




The winds were so strong on Pinyon Ridge we took shelter behind a little bump halfway.





Sorry- no action shots just tracks...

 That's PCMR...how was the rest of the Wasatch today? Or I should say, all this week?




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It's been killer since Monday.  Sunday was some of the worst conditions I've experienced all season (chunked up ice, wind & poor visisbility).  Winter is winning the war this week.



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I was at Solitude yesterday with The Conz.  Too much snow, they never opened up Honeycomb Canyon. All the gates to side country were also closed. Stuck to the main bowl off of the Powderhorn lift. Very good there. Sorry no pics, didn't have a camera with me.  Snowing all day. I know LCC was closed from 10 to 2 for av control and Supreme lift and Sugarloaf were also closed. They still haven't opened Supreme today but are trying to open it and the backside.  Friday and/or Saturday at Alta should be great!

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Took a half day form work to ski today. The conditions were amazing. Really deep fairly thick suportable snow. I didn't hit bottom at all. Great skiing right now.

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Today was the 4th day of "surf'n big snow" in a row, a nice stretch.  Loooks like maybe some more for next week.


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  I was at PCMR yesterday , and there was plenty of  powder left over from the storm. Bright blue skies. Skied trees and got lots of nice fresh lines in the more overlooked places (that shall remain nameless).  I took what turned out to be my last run in one such overlooked place. The entry is rocky and stumpy, and almost no one goes in there, even if they can find it, so it stays untracked for a long time. I got cocky and misjudged the entrance- I went in too high and the rocks were just below the snow. I took a tumble, hit rock, and started to pick up speed, helmet end down, until I could self arrest about three seconds and forty or fifty feet later. I threw my feet downhill. Skis stayed on, but much blood... I met up with patrol at the bottom and got 12 stiches. It was pretty ugly. My humble thanks to Park City Ski Patrol and Dr. Andrea from U of U sports medicine for their excellent and professional work... We all know that PCMR is a big green circle, so please go to Snowbird!



War Zone from the south. I shot this last year, lapping my own tracks. It's steeper than it looks. I was still a bit suprised to have to self arrest on a pow day. Wind buff.



Dr. Andrea's handiwork...




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Yowie!  Those are some pretty good skid marks -- I suppose your jacket looks even worse, eh? 

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 I was wearing my "Sunny day end of season happy ass Norwegian sweater with wind stopper". If I'd had on a decent shell, this may have been just a bruise....

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Ah, so it's really more like "elbow-stopper" material. 

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 We're into week two of the powder fest. I took the day off today and my daugghter played hooky. My friend Pete came along with his snowboard. Went to PCMR. Conditions were great 9" on the lower mountain, over a foot higher up. LCC got 22" but the road was closed all morning, or so I heard. Here's some pics:




Freshies on the groomers to start.






Then we went to the Back Bowls  First double diamond.





 That's all!

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Lucky kid! 


I'm thinking today may have been my best day of the season... so far.  Calling for more thru wednesday.


Sorry I have no pics, our risk manager told me to take pictures in my mind & I would live longer.


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Was in BCC Sunday 3-22-09 thru Sat 3-28-09 WOW! Skied Brighton Thur 3-26-09 was there at 8:00 am to spend a couple of runs with the Patrol before opening, first tracks in powder it just doesn't get any better, many thanks to Patrick and Ethan for thier Hospitality, from the Michiana gang. I know they were extremely busy that morning, I believe something like 42" in the previous 24 hrs. WOW WOW!!

Went over to Alta in LCC Fri 3-27-09 they didn't miss the snowfall either - don't know now much, but it was enough to ski. Will post more in Trip Reports later, gotta get organized, got a 3 yr old grandson to tend to. Daughter and Son in law are at Mount St. Anne doing the Skiworldpress ski test thing this week.

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Sounds like a fun gig, the kids I mean. As for tomorrow, Snowbird has good childcare for the grandson...

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Great on Snowbird, but I'm back in Michiana, So much snow in LCC this year I only got there 1 day Fri 3-27 to ski Alta . Usually make at least 2 days to LCC, This year 2 days in BCC (stay there), 1 day at The Canyons and 1 day at Alta. Took 1 day off to relax and rest. I love Utah Powder.

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In prepartation to ski at Brighton (digging our way out of the Chalet) Thursday morning 3-26-2009

Digging out of the Chalet in Brighton Thur. Morning 3-26-09


8:13 am Local Time

We made it there only 20 min. late, and the camera didn't go with us that morning.

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Friday 4-27-2009 at Alta , don't know about stealing a copy of this Photo

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Hey Mr. Crab,


I think I rode the Silverlode lift with you and you're buddy.  You look familiar with the POC helmet, were you riding Gots.  Could hardly see you as it was dumping.  Great Day.  My son and I were the ones who I think you shared the "Kid Shot" with (forget exaclty what you called it), you know the one to the left over the other side down by the end of rope by the pole...Did your carpenter take Friday off. 


By the way, the trees (Olympia and Triangle) at DV the next day were awesome.

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That was me. Wow. You are from Chicago, right? I call that little jaunt "punk's powder shot" it's officially called Meadow Cornice but it's not on any map. Did your little guy go over? I showed my daughter how to cut in at an angle. There must have been four feet of fluff under that cornice on Monday. You guys picked the right time to come out. I haven't seen my carpenter since this storm cycle started.

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Reconnected, that is funny.  You guys were really cool, thanks again for sharing the goods with the touristas from Chitown, it was fun, you were a true PCMR ambassador that day.  Our 3rd trip this year and the snow was worth the wait, still thinking about it pretty much all day, everyday.  Sounds like your carpenter is pretty smart.  The snow doesn't appear to be stopping soon, enjoy.  

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Anybody got weather info for next week?  After the coming Thu-Sat snow, I see two more smaller systems next week, one Tue-Wed, the other Thu-Fri.  Problem is, the Tue-Wed event may start out warm/wet according to the models I am looking at (which do account for elevation).  The freezing level may move up to 10000 feet Mon and Tue.


I'd be curious to know what others are seeing.  Having been out three times already this season (last time 20 days ago), this 4th trip is in the "optional bonus round" category, so I can afford to be picky about weather....

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Sorry guys I was so busy skiing I haven't had a chance to post. I just got back today I skied 8 straight days and if I had unlimited funds (and bionic knees) I'd still be there! I have some pics but only one of me sitting on the patio of the GMD last Friday (day of the friggin land rush) I was skiing alone. But got some good shots of Alta yesterday, albeit some in a in a snowstorm. I will post them up tomorrow I am pooped.


I will say just when you thought it couldn't get any better....it did! I believe yesterday may have been the best day ever. Sun came out in the afternoon, not a lot of skiers and pow pow POW everywhere!!!!! Since it was my last day I decided to go for it and demoed a pair of Hell Bents and I skied stuff with those puppies I had no business skiing! What a set of boards. I have got to get me a set of those! LOL between those skis and all the pow someone might have mistaken me for a good skier.


Only thing is after Friday Ballroom never opened again while Iwas there that was one thing I wanted to do. But there is always next week...errr....I mean next year. I bet the land rush was on today and if they opened East Greely, Ballroom, the Chutes and the rest it must have been.....well EPIC!


Crabs did you not see Larry Csonka on skis at Alta this past week. I think I saw you. I yelled out "Crabs" a few times in the lift line but just got funny looks so shut up.


Oh and yesterday I was riding Collins up about 11 am with 3 guys I didn't know and one of them said "There's Weems!" Don't know the man myself but seen him on here. I missed him we were past already but he was on or near the Collins traverse about 2/3 of the way up the lift. Oh, I skied off of that down through the trees to the Collins mid station thats what I mean about skiing stuff I had no business on. Vince F., I dropped off the end of Vail Ridge like you wanted me to the first time we were there.


I have to look at the map to tell you exactly the names of where I skied but half of them were blacks I got into because the Collins return from Sugarloaf was closed and I didn't pay attention. So it was either hike uphill on the cat track back to the top of Sugarloaf or drop off right there and back down to the bottom of Sugarloaf. Laziness is a great motivator so off I went and then hung a left when I should of hung a right and ended up on another steep! But there was so much powder they were easier to ski and it was a confidence builder



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Thanks for the report Conz -- way to get after that powder!  So what did you think of the Snowpine? 

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ya great report Mr Crab.  A truly legendary week of snow out there. 


I know of a few runs like that at PCMR (with the stumps but enticing pow)  No  I agree there's nothing to ski in Park City it sucks and it's never dangerous.  (roll eyes ;)


Hope you heal fast and are able to keep getting out there.  Was considering a last minute deal this weekend but sadly not in the cards - it's kind of possible with these week long cycles of 100 inches to follow the snow and still get plenty of fresh :).  Ironically was thinking of doing PCMR too the other day because I didn't get to Jupiter bowl this year and it's pissing me off ...


At JHole it's been great too according to friends who are there ....


Enjoy all and keep the stoke coming ....

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Snowpine was nice. What I didn't count on was getting "interlodged" or locked in. That sucked. We got no jump on the folks driving up, LOL!


Here are some pics. Some from GMD base from last Friday, some off of the Collins lift Wednesday, and I think some off of the Sunnyside lift from Wednesday afternoon. I think that's East Greely in the backround you guys can help me out. Just was all over the place it gets confusing.


I see Ballroom is still closed. That has not been skied in almost a week I think. Whoever get first tracks in there is going to need a snorkel.












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You really hit it. Great reports... Alta reports 120" in the last ten days.  Deer Valley today was pretty good today with about a foot of fresh. I bit heavy, especially lower, but great skiing in the trees. From here on out the higher elevations of the Cottonwoods are where it's at, unless it gets cold again...

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Originally Posted by theconz View Post


Snowpine was nice. What I didn't count on was getting "interlodged" or locked in. That sucked. We got no jump on the folks driving up, LOL!


Here are some pics. Some from GMD base from last Friday, some off of the Collins lift Wednesday, and I think some off of the Sunnyside lift from Wednesday afternoon. I think that's East Greely in the backround you guys can help me out. Just was all over the place it gets confusing.


I see Ballroom is still closed. That has not been skied in almost a week I think. Whoever get first tracks in there is going to need a snorkel. 




 Ah, looks great -- that is a heck of a lot of snow on the patio.  Maybe we can catch up for some runs next season -- I usually hit Alta for a week in Jan, Feb, and March.  Although, after your reports, I am thinking I just need to stay for 2-3 weeks at a time!

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Skier219 I am in for sure bud! Maybe we can do a home and home gig too. You are out here in the east somewhere, Virginia or Penn, right? We can do Snowshoe or Sugar and Beech too.


Also a big shout out to Vince F. for showing me around the SLC area!. Thank you Vince for taking the time to show a stranger around. You're a piasano even if you are not Italian! 


Now will someone PLEASE get into Ballroom and tear it up. Vince, Mr., Crabs, somebody out there! Post some pics with your skis and scuba gear on!





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Another 20" today.  All the closed areas will be deep for sure.  Some serious avy work will need to take place though.


Be glad to meetup.  I generally put in a bunch of early season day trips at Snowshoe (opener was Nov 21 this season -- met another Epic skier there for a 10-16" powder day).  Then I do weekly day trips to Wintergreen VA ($200 season pass) once they are cranking along.  The rest of my days come from western trips, though I am really due for a Vermont trip one of these days....  ciao, paisano!

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OK I just can't believe it at this point.


The numbers are just psycho sick whatever you want to call it - please live your lives and ski this stuff!!


Then leave some pictures for us mere mortals back here in cyber land ;)


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I don't know what to say. I just drove up from SLC and as soon as I hit the higher elevations, another blizzard. I don't know how much more there'll be by morning, but it's just not stopping. I'll see if I can get over to Alta for you...

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