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List of training videos and books available?

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I am a beginning racer starting this year, and would like to purchase books and videos that show how to perform drills and other aspects of race technique. Due to my location, I may not have the luxury of a coach. Any suggestions?
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http://www.ronlemaster.com The Skier's Edge is a must and the photos on Ron's site are outstanding.

http://tpsf.org/ Ellen Post Foster's site. You'll find a number of excellent books to choose from.

Check preseason conditioning at http://www.usskiteam.com/education/alpmedalstest.htm
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I would also consider "Ski Faster" by Lisa Feinberg Densmore. It is available throught the Amazon link on this website. It provides techniques and hints for different types of racing (Giant Slalom, Slalom, and Speed Events).
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Ski Faster is good, I've read it and a bunch of others, Skiing and the art of Carving (good book, video wasn't as useful), The Athletic Skier (excellent). There are two little flip chart booklets with accompanying videos that I found really useful (as an absolute novice racer) Carving turns made easy, and Carving quick turns made easy. These are by Al Hobart, and the video's are great. I also found a tape last year about race training featuring Kjtle (sp?). I'll check the titles on these, and if I can track them down, let you know in a day or so where I ordered them from.
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Please support Epicski by using the Amazon links at the bottom of the page. Thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've got two books by Al Hobart as I mentioned earlier, Carving Turns made easy and Carving Quick Turns made easy. I think both are great and the videos do help you to better understand the drills. They are put out by Alpine Racing R&D, I guess that's Al's company. The other video mentioned was "Giant Slalom Training" featuring Finn and Kjetil Aamodt. It is inspirational and interesting to see the approach these guys take. Guess that's why he's at the top. I use Amazon if I have no other alternative although frankly, I try to avoid Amazon when I can, Sorry LM.
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Alaska Mike,

You might try USSCA for the WC videos...They were offering such videos in 2001. Check the www.usskiteam.com site for links.
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Check out www.snowpro.com and go to the cscf site - downloads are available for brief, recent training footage (within the last month) of 5 world cup athletes. Also, the online store may have just what you're looking for.
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No luck through USCSSA or CSCF. CSCF had a 2003 World video, but for some reason I can't order it. Hopefully something will turn up. I miss a lot of the FIS races on OLN because of the weird times they're shown up here. Actually, I wish OLN would just sell them.
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Race Skills for Alpine Skiing by Ellen Post Foster. Out of print, but still available through Amazonor her website. I was worried it might be dated, but it has been one of the best books I've ever read on the subject. Some books are just timeless. Seek it out- you won't regret it.

I'll also second the Ski Faster recommendation. Also an excellent book, although it has less in the way of drills.

I found the Quick Turns video to be a little out of date, but otherwise produced well. Likewise, the World Cup Giant Slalom Training with Finn & Kjetil Aamodt video is a little dated, but the training that guy goes through makes me respect him even more. I don't use either video for great technical insight, but I do use them for inspiration.

Anyone know where I can get videos of complete races from last year's World Cup? The Winning Runs series removes the ability to compare winning and non-winning runs, so as a spectator I lose interest quickly. Watching ski videos as I work out keeps me motivated to continue at the gym.

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