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Tahoe 3-23 thru 3-28

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So I got to Sacramento around midnight (PDT) on Sunday nite/Monday morn.  Got to my brother-in-law's house at about 12:45.  He had to be back in Davis by 4pm so we decided to hit Sugar Bowl...it's the closest area to Sacramento plus we had a free ticket from our SnowBomb cards.  It had snowed about 12" on Sunday, but the wind was howlin'.  Maybe 35-40 mph at the ridge tops.  It was sunny with not a cloud in the sky and it was warm enough that even the gale force winds were tolerable.  We were skiing by 9:15 and hit up Silver Belt and the various lines skiers left of the Mt. Lincoln chair including Fuller's Folly and the '58.  Snow was fantastic.  Later we tried Strawberry Fields off the Mt. Disney chair.  Great snow, but not enough turns before we had to head skier's right back to the chair.  We then hit multiple runs in Nancy's Culoir off the Disney chair.  Here's a little vid of our party at Nancy's.


We had to bail by 2 pm, so it was a short but satisfying day.


Tuesday, we decided to be deal whores and hit up Mt Rose for its 2-fer Tuesday deal.  2 tix for 64 bucks...sweet.  The weather was spectacular with nary a cloud in the sky, just a hint of a breeze, and temps rising into the 40's at 9,700 feet.  From the parking lot, Mt. Rose looks like Taos...intimidating.  We hit the chutes by 10:30 and were rewarded with some outstanding snow and pretty damn steep skiing.  In order we did YellowJacket, Saddle, El Cap, and a double feature on Nightmare.  The trees at the bottom of Nightmare held some 2-day-old freshies which we gladly harvested.  We also hiked up to Wild Card and got some sweet Lake Tahoe pics as well as more freshies in the woods.  I won't lie and say we got face shots, but the snow was smooth and light for 2 blasts through the trees off Wild Card.  We then decided to fry our legs on several tree runs between Washoe Zephyr and South Rim and also in Comstock Glades.  Fun, fast tree skiing to cap off a beautiful day.  We didn't do too many pics in the trees, but here's another video of our day at Mt. Rose.



I think tomorrow we hear Alpine Meadows calling with a $39 lift ticket....we'll try to do more pics and video.

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Really enjoyed the videos, but man, that wind is screamin'.  You can embed this stuff, oddly enough by clicking the youtube button. Your music choices are some of the best I've been treated to in quite a while, of course you might be part of the over-the-hill gang.



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Thnx Cirque.  I am part of the over the hill gang and was pretty challenged to just put the vids together.  Not sure Puddle of Mud is really our gen, but I always liked Blurry.  Despite the wind, it was a great day at Sugar Bowl.  The weather, snow, and terrain conspired to make Mt Rose one of my favorites.


We went to Kirkwood today...sorry, no pics or vids.  We locked in on the $39 lift tix for the rest of the year and gave it a go.  My luck at Kirkwood is just not good.  Can't figure out how to play the sun/snow.  First run off hair 6 knocked out all of my fillings. We had some decent runs off Chair 10 (Notch Chute, Saddle Chute) but Palisades Bowl was pure glop.  Deadwood Spur was even gloppier.  I did a literal face plant when my tips dove at the bottom of Deadwood.  Got a decent run in on One Man Chute and finished the day with a couple of runs right under Chair 10.


Our tally on lift ticket deals so far:  Sugar Bowl - free; Mt Rose - $32; Kirkwood - $39.  $71 total for 3 days is pretty acceptable.

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We took Thursday as an off-day to let under utilized muscles recover and treked down to San Francisco.  The weather was beautiful and we went to the museum of modern art and a couple of galleries.  Also walked around Berkley some....


So today we hit Heavenly because neither my brother-in-law nor I had been there before.  It didn't look like a promising start with the bumps on Gunbarrel ominously shiny.  We headed to Nevada and skied our first run in Mott's (Pine Nuts).  It was a bit firm still, but on our next run we decided to head over to Killebrew to see what that was all about.  We skied Outer Limits and it was pretty fun...the snow was softening nicely in the sun.  After the hike out to the cat track, we hit Mott's again..found great snow in the trees between Ernie's-Hemlock, Bill's-Snakeyes, Hemlock-North 40.  We broke for lunch and then decided to look for snow in California.  We did a few runs through the Glades off the summit chair.  The snow was variable at best, so we headed back and got in 2 more runs in Mott's as the patrol was closing it down.  Our last run was down Gunbarrel.  The bumps had softened considerably and the run was sweet, but loooong.


Okay, here's the vid:

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And so, my annual Tahoe trip came to an end today.  Sorry, no pics or video.  We went to Squaw.  The groomers were pretty crowded, but off-piste was pretty good.  Warmup run in Siberia was bone-jarring; that trail was too hard.  We worked our way down to the Headwall lift and took a stab at Sun Bowl..it was glop;  that trail was too soft. <stick with me here, this relates to bears if you haven't figgered it out already>...so we then hit Headwall proper.  That snow was just right <says Goldilocks>.  We tried the north side of Headwall next, but it hadn't softened yet.


We did a couple of runs off KT-22 but they had a lot of runs closed (Red Dog Ridge, West Face) and it wasn't as interesting as in past years.  We had an early lunch in thep arking lot and hit Granite Chief afterwards.  It was pretty great.  We skied all of the chutes on the east side and did 7 laps.  At that point, age and gloppy snow caught up with us and we called it a day at about 3:30.


Another great Tahoe trip.  I'll be back next year.

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