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Hello Barking Bears. I've been busy with medical school and residency, so I haven't posted in nearly a decade. Happy to be back, am still delightedly skiing the skis y'all recommended for me (Atomic Beta Ride 10.20)--we were at Kirkwood on the day after President's Day when it dumped several feet of fresh powder! Never managed to hook up with you guys to ski before, but am hoping to do so in the future when I finish my residency. Already plan to be in Tahoe the first week of March next year.


Anyway, my sister-in-law asked me if I would research new skis for her, so here I am once again asking y'all for advice. She is 47, 5'4", approx 225lbs, plays volleyball and tennis, skis every year, has her own custom fitted boots, no idea what skis she has but I'll ask her. She can take blacks and powder but will probably be sticking to East Coast groomers for the next few years as she will be teaching her young twin boys how to ski (they will be 3 1/2 next winter). Below is her own description of what kind of skier she is. I was planning to recommend the half-price clearance sales on last year's skis from (her husband gave her a gift certificate), integrated ski+binding in the $400 range.


Thanks in advance

Dr. Leila


" Two years in a row I have been told by ski instructors that my skis are too narrow and that I really should get the wider ski's.  It'll make me ski like a pro....Then I listen to the instructors and end up renting skis.  By the time I rent the ski's for a couple of years,  I could have paid for a pair of clearance/used skis which annoys me.  As a result, I have been in the market for some new skis. 
I think the big reason that they are recommending I go with some wider skis is for stability and making it easier to turn.  While my skis are shaped, they are not as shaped as the current style so I think my turns are not what they could be.  I don't think new skis will help me take bumps anytime soon but I did try them on a baby bump trail this winter.  It was...............interesting...........all 3 times I tried it.  For your entertainment, I killed my thighs so badly on those first 3 tries that I tried it again the next day and walked through the woods to get off the trail.  My legs were jelly.
As to the type of skiier I am, I would describe it best as chicken shit.  I will pretty much do any blue trail on any mountain without hesitation - OK, maybe not in Idaho but I believe we have already established that the person doing the ratings there was having hallucinations!  I generally try to push myself to do one black a day to say that I have done it and then am usually pretty happy to go back to the blues.  I think I need to accept that for at least the foreseeable future, my skiing will be east coast skiing. 
The teacher this year said something about getting 140cm skis but that seems a little short to me.  My current skis are 145 and I think I would stick with that length, unless there is any research that would confirm that I am wrong."