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better cliff dropping...

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When I drop cliffs I tend to crash. I don't crash big, I just slide out. Does this have to do with speed? I generally start on or close to the edge, and just jump. Will picking up speed help or hurt my landings?
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speed will help you land drops better, it allows you to ski out of it rather then bomb hole the landing. also it looks so much better to launch off rather then hop to and fall off.
another thing, make shure the landings have a steep enough slope, flat landings will also cause for hit and stick returns to earth.
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I don`t know how high you dropp from, but when you dropp from what I regard as high cliffs(25ft+), the best way of making a clean landing is to let your ass down beetween your legs and kind of bounse up again. It may sound wierd, but it`s the only way if your not superman. If you watch some skifilms you will notice that it`s the way all the pros do it when the cliffs get high. Going of smaler cliffs you can just use your legs to make a regular clean landing, but as you suggest you need some forward speed.

good luck
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Letting your butt hit the ground between your knees just screams "ACL Tear"!! Often you WILL see a "smear turn" off a landing, that is the hip coming into the snow upon landing.

The main thing is to pick a nice steep landing, flat landings are slow death to the ligaments or possibly quick death! You could fall out of an airplane, and if you landed on a steep enough slope that gradually flattened out . . . you'd be ok!
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My english is not that good so I`m not sure what you meen whit a ACL-Tear. Anyway I think you maybee pictured what I was trynig to expalin a bit wrong. What I`m saying is that you would be a fool to try taking the landing all with your legs when the cliffs get realy high, it does not work at all. Not only do you prevent yor legs breaking in a thousend pices, but landing from high cliffs you need to slow down your speed to, and letting your butt go into the snow is a good way of doing that. I`ve dropped from quit a few cliffs in my life, many over 10 meters high(35 ft), so trust me, I`ve got some "know-how".
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Thanks, I went up to Tahoe and tried a monster drop. We measured with a rope and read it as 40+. Letting my butt take some of the impact seemed to help, though I wasn't going anywhere anyway. I just stuck in my bomb hole.
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When you get big... over 35 or 40 how do you land other than making a bombhole, is there anyway to ski away cleanly?
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Hard to get away completly cleanly, but if you have a fair amount of speed and a steep anough landing you will be able to ski out of it. as opposed to the hit and stick method. As mentioned above a butt or hip check to scrub speed is very helpfull in allowing you to get your $hesnit together and stand up.
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Its all about how steep the landing is. You could jump out of an airplane - and if the landing started out vertical and then gradually flattened - you'd make it find if you stuck it.

Too flat a landing = crater.
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