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Big Sky registration is officially CLOSED.

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Glad I got in there!  Thanks nolo I know it was a bit insane.


It's sort of like getting on the subway  when you jamb your foot and arms into the closing doors.

So the train can't leave until the doors shut, but you can't go anywhere cause you're stuck in the door.  Then you look over and see the conductor with his head out the window. The often non-verbal conversation goes like this:

Conductor: What  are you doing!? You know I could start this train with you stuck in the door. That wouldn't be good for you.

Me:  Yeah I know, but look at all this effort I put in here.  That counts for something!

C:  You're screwing up my departure.  I'm not happy. I'm sick of you idiots.  Don't you value your life?

Me: Yeah I'm not happy about this either. Let's just get it over with. Please?!

C: There'll be another just like you at the next stop. Maybe I should teach you a lesson.


Then there's a moment of torture where you wonder if it's actually possible the train will move and how stupid jaming your limbs into the door was.  Thankfully, this is brief.

C: Come on in...


Then you're in and hear the pa system, "Stand clear of the closing doors"




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