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I guess the safety concerns don't apply as much to in-bound skiing in the US, but I much preferred skiing high angle slopes in the French Alps one by one last season. 


Rarely did you see 50 people going after the same slope or any real line poaching, but you would sure see a pissed off guide/instructor who had his group wait and go one by one in a potentially dangerous area only to have some idiotic Brit tourists blast by.


I think snow farming is an underappreciated skill- seems to me that many skiers these days do not recognize that it takes more skill (and can be just as fun) to adjust your line to run parallel to or make figure 8s with existing tracks so that dozens can get near untracked lines rather than going all different directions so that there are no untracked lines after only a handful of skiers.      


I love this term 'snow farming'. People need to talk about this more to increase the skills.  If it became as cool to be a good farmer as it is to say buy a pair of Kuros it might change things. As it is repeating "there's no friends on powder days" endlessly just makes it so. Then we complain about those other people.


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"Come to Japan... I haven't raced anyone for fresh tracks for five years. Actually, I usually offer those following my lead the first drop-in. I like to hear their stoke as they drop in."

hmmm... Japan sounds good.