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From HH; correction

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Dear Skiers,

I feel I must apologize for the post that was submitted in its entirety by SCSA. My writing in that e-mail was done to explain questions from Rick and Si about some discussion on the forum. They asked for my point of view. Although when I e-mailed the group (including SCSA, because he is active on the forum) I offered that they could use my explanations if they were useful, I did not intend that my personal feelings and opinions be aired.

I apologize if I offended any instructors with my comments about PSIA. Once and for all, it is no secret that I find PSIA’s methodology confusing, convoluted, and less effective than more evolved understandings of how to ski effectively in this modern era. I have stated this in many articles and books. These statements are supported by hundreds of instructors and thousands of readers and skiers who have experienced PMTS.

I find it very amusing that a short time ago, many instructors were vocal in their complete disagreement with the PMTS methodology. I do not point the finger, as you know who you are. Now that PMTS and my books are very popular, it seems my approaches and ideas have always been part of what all great PSIA instructors knew and taught. I am encouraged that there is no lack of self-recognition on this forum.

As Kim Peterson wrote so eloquently in the foreword to "Anyone can be an Expert Skier 2", "Naïve criticisms resemble the conclusion that since skiing and fishing both use poles, they must be the same. Interestingly enough, many of these ‘assimilators’ who are anxious to reduce PMTS to a reiteration of old ideas were vehemently opposed to PMTS just months ago. We have to salute the dexterity with which ski philosophers adopt, generalize, and accommodate the things they can’t mimic or copy."

There is no need to respond to this note, as I will not comment or read responses from the forum. I find comments like "this is bull s---- and garbage" hard to include in the category of positive discussion. If "thou doest protest too much", you’ll find you won’t be able to backpedal quickly enough next time to extricate yourself from such comments. Once in a while, they do come to my attention and to the attention of rational, open, productive-thinking individuals on this forum.
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>>"......to the attention of rational, open, productive-thinking individuals on this forum."<<

Translation for the newcomers to this forum: "People who agree with me."
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Why don't you lighten up? HH sent an apology. Why don't you accept it and move on?

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Probably not worth a lot of anger on your part RH, perhaps you should just sit back and be amused at what a silly person I am?!

Sometime perhaps I'll be able to tell you "the rest of the story" . . . until then all I can say is the antagonism was earned with spades and in fact I'm not even reaching the kind of levels that were reached.

"Oh shoot, I better *edit* that!" . . .

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It isn't anger. It is something that sould not have been done in the first place. What HH sent to me and the others, was in private. SCSA violated my, and HH's, privacy by posting the note. Of that I am aggrevated.
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As a relative newcomer to these forums, I realize that I might have missed some of the history in this discussion. I have, however, gone back and read a fair amount of the posts. Having been certified in Europe both as an instructor and a certified mountain guide, and now working through PSIA certification (hope to pass level 111 this year!!!), I would like to make the following comments:
a. The either/or approach is just downright silly, PSIA encourages lateral learning, I have used some of the techniques proposed by HH without knowing from whence they came.
b. There is nothing, or very little new under the sun, most teaching and skiing techniques have been tried.
c. HH seems awfully defensive about his ideas, very proprietary and exclusionary.
d. Telling people not to use a wedge/ snow plow seems to be very limiting. Why not teach as wide a spectrum of skills as possible? I know I use a wedge quite often.
e. I have my reservations about PSIA! I think that some of their literature is SO convoluted that I need an interpreter to understand it-just read the Level 111 study guide.
Think snow, and go big!
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Hey RH, I had no idea that such a violation had taken place, I'm not suprised that it happened - but sorry you got sucked into such an ugly thing. You've dealt with it better than many would.
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I have to agree with skiswift.

I have been out of the game for a few years and had to read up on PMTS etc before making any comments. (I though it only occured monthly which explained the angst on the forums)

ISIA, APSIA, BASI, NZSIA, Skilehrerverband, Schweizerischer ski, CSIA, PSIA, PMTS. They are all interwoven teaching methodologies.

PSIA & PMTS are not part of the ISIA organisation and so are missing out on broader based international discussions on ski technique. Without this diversity I would not take these teachings as gospel. That aside I will still study them.

Style, control, form & function. You will achieve your goals with the biggest bag of trips you can muster.

"it is amazing the damage an ego can do"
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There is a tie in between the PSIA and the ISIA, when I got my PSIA Full Cert I was told I'm now also an ISIA member and could get ISIA passbooks, ISIA pins and etc.

But thats really just a detail, your point about it being a much bigger world out there parallels one I've raised many times. The fact is, great teachers in any endeavour will always look towards every resource they can - regardless of "system" and use those resources as they see fit. They don't have to even "like" the USSCA, CSIA, PSIA, PMTS, Perfect Turn . . . and etc to find some useful parts to those systems and take them and integrate them into their teaching/training as they see fit!
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Todd-you made my point far more eloquently than I was able to. My readings about PMTS lead me to feel that they are rather doctrinaire about their teaching tecniques, whereas in my discussions with PSIA examiners they seem far more pragmatic and seem far more outcome oriented.
Unfortunately, they are far more dogmatic in an exam situation!!!
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Skiswift: Very well put. No opposing camps are needed. Try different approaches, use what works and pass it around so all can improve and further their (and their students') enjoyment of the sport.
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mike m, I agree on using whatever methods work best for you. I still support Harald as a coach. He was very dedicated, hardworking and sincere when I took a PSIA (Nat'l Academy) clinic from him a few years back. I still see those qualities in him with PMTS.
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mike_m and Lucky,
I'm with you.

"Lead, follow, or get the hell out the way". Yep. That's exactly how I feel.
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