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One Ski Skiing

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This is my first post, to the Epic Ski community and I am sure this is not the first time this has been thrown out as a topic of discussion.  I was hoping to pick everyones brain on one ski skiing. Does anyone have a solid progression for one ski skiing? 



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Sit skiing?  Mono-skiing? or do you acutally mean skiing on one ski?

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"He's skiing on one ski!"   Charles De Mar in Better Off Dead


Pretty simple.  Start on a flat slope.  First just learn to ski straight.  Then add turns.  Turning the direction of the single foot (right turn on right ski) is the toughest, so maybe start with turning the opposite direction only.  Move on to steeper slopes.  The final exam is hucking a 50 foot cliff, one-footed switch, and stick the landing.


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Fairly simple... I was hoping for some advanced drills, on the lines of snake turns, tracer turns, wipe pass, & javelin.   Just wondering if there are others out there to dabble with.

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Do it like this...


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well, ski a FIS downhill course on one ski is certainly a challenge.

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Start with tracer turns. Choose one foot. Ski with that ski on the ground but as little pressure on it as possable. Turn left and right. After some practice switch feet so the other ski has virtually no pressure on it. Doing this gives you a less athletic, less demanding intro to turning both directions on one foot.


Once you can turn both directions doing tracer turns, step it up a notch by skiing with one ski completely off the ground.


Option #2 practice Royal Christies. Turn right on the right ski with the left ski lifted as high as you feel comfortable and reverse for right turns.


If you are ready to really commit and have confidence in your balance skills, go for it. Remove one ski and ski.


Have fun.

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Thanks for the tip...  I will start working with tracer turns as soon as the snow returns.

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Then you can graduate to one-ski spins, and before you know it, you'll be doing ski ballet!

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One footed garlands are also a good exercise because you get to initiate and finish a turn without crossing the fall line (the scary part).  I am finding it very helpful to use flexion and extension to release the edge with out a long leg short leg kind of move.  If the edge releases AND you move the COM over the mid point of the ski it will turn. 

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Hi Eric, I might have just the thing for you.  One foot skiing is an excellent skill to learn that will improve you're overall skiing greatly.  If you're looking to learn how to do it, I've produced an extremely comprehensive DVD instructional series that focuses heavily on balance as a foundation of good skiing.  One foot skiing is a form of lateral balance, and there are numerous variation of it.  These DVD's take skiers step by step through the learning process, from no ability to shift balance at all, to being able to lift either ski at any moment and shift fore/aft balance on that single ski.  Here's a link that shows demos of some of the balance skills these DVD's teach. 



And here's my website address where you can get the DVD's and also find a wealth of technical articles and information free for the taking.

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That Bode video is incredible!

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