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Timberline, WV - Snowy Luau Weekend 3/21&22/2009

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Timberline, WV - Snowy Luau Weekend 3/21&22/2009


One of the best weekends of mid-Atlantic spring skiing I’ve had in a long time…and I go back over 40 yrs of skiing in the region.  Insanely great weather, fun company, good “tude” with everyone in Hawaiian party mood.  Timberline had virtually every slope and 1000’ of vertical open with good coverage, hard and fast in the AM, soft and forgiving in the PM.  Saturday included pig roast for lunch, at night they had a good crowd for live Hawaiian music, bonfire, and set off fireworks over the mtn while an awesome torchlight parade of about 80+ skiers came down the mtn.  First time for me, from what I can see this is the best spring ski festival in the region and it will be hard to pass it up from now on, plus prices really nice for lifts and lodging, esp at nearby Canaan Valley Lodge.  Sunday crowds very light, but enough patrons for some fun contests – costumes, bumps, boarder cross, etc.  Our gang consisted of about 15 or more different folks from Epicski and DCSki circles.  Sunday was like our own private Idaho err West Virginia.  Next year:  be there or be square.  It wasn't Almost Heaven, it Was Heaven!


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The bumps were on The Drop (l-r:  Comprex, Laurel Hill Crazie, Jimmy)


JohnL dropping in



L-R:  The Colonel (pushing 70 and feeling some fine OATS this day), Mrs LHC, Jimmy, LHC jr, JohnL, son of Jamesj, LHC, Comprex, Batgirl



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The Lava torchlight parade had to be seen to be appreciated, fireworks above.  My son had a blast joining them.  They weaved down 1000' vertical on a pretty steep groomer with lights aglow.  He said there were a few scorching wipeouts :-)


Chillin on Sunday PM, L-R:  SCWVA a great skier (and family man) I failed to snap in action, Jimmy, WVskier15, JohnL in HI shirt, best side of LHC.  Lodge featured special window dressings.


It was prettier than a picture (WVskier15).  That's Canaan Valley you're looking at, elev 3000+ feet. They say the highest sizeable valley east of the Mississippi.  The high base of this ski area helps preserve snow in springtime.


They even arranged a nice sunset for yours truly on the Lodge deck

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Mrs and Mr Laurel Hill Crazie doing the Twister


Off the Wall was a scenic, steep groomer this day for Jimmy, The Colonel, & Batgirl



More of the gang on Sat AM, guy striking nice pose in center is kwillg6 from DCSki.  One of three in this shot who instruct at Timberline. 


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Nice shots Jim!! What an awesome time this weekend was. I can't wait to get out there and do it again!! 

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Jamesj in full corn mode.



BatGirl on the fly.



comprex bumping it up.



The #1 Crazie son.



The saner of the Crazie Clan getting corny.



JohnL decked out on the deck with the Crazies.



WVskier15 and jimmy



comprex, BatGirl relax and Jamesj doing what he does best.








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Awesome pics, looks like you guys had a great time. 

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Great additional pictures guys.  How did I ever miss this event in the past?  Looking at the great slopes with all the brown woods behind them it strikes me that at this time of the year we should call this skiing on White Ribbons of Life!

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Sounds like a great weekend was had by all.  Sorry I missed it!  Do my best to be there next year.


Very nice luau gear guys, I particularly like Jim's shorts over ski pants look


Catch you all on the hill next season!



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Both days were as awesome as the pictures. Why don't more people spring ski? Awww nevermind better to keep it between us. Big group of great skiers, first time this century the Crazies have been to Timberline, sure it won't be the last. Added bonus of meeting and skiing with Comprex and BatGirl for the first time. The Jack Frost Celebration at WhiteGrass in December and Snowy Luau are the bookends of the "ski-partay" season in Canaan Valley, WV. We've been skiing in WV since October and won't finish til sometime in April. Yall come next year.

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Yep jimmy, first time this century for the Crazies and first time ever for my son. I'll paste a portion of my post on DCSki here. I realized I was preaching to the choir over there.


This was a return to TL after what my wife said was at least a dozen years. I though a few less but she's right. My daughter was much younger then my son since last I was there. For the life of me I can't figure out why I stayed away so long. T-line skis like a mini Vermont resort with a true 1000 ft. vertical and real trail skiing. The blues are as steep or steeper then 7S North Face runs and provide interesting character as they don't just drop straight down the fall line. Off the Wall reminds me of Laurel's Lower Wildcat, maybe a little less steep and without the double fall line. The Drop's bumps were graced with better coverage then BK's Extrovert. Ex still beats it for steep and challenge though even if the conditions were the same. Kathy enjoyed the day so much she even speculated about season passes next year. I think not as the drive over Chestnut, Laurel and Keyser Ridges in the winter could be killer unless 33 in WV is four lane all the way from I79.

T-line is another mid-Atlantic gem. I remember skiing Cherry Bowl Glades when they were on the map. It looks like some lower glades have been cleared as well and I would guess there are more then a few unofficial lines to be had also. I was impressed with the depth of the base. I'm sure Timberline will run out of skiers before they run out of snow.

I hope to get in one more day of skiing there. We told my daughter about our adventure and now she's clamoring to go over spring break. I'll make her twist my arm just a little before I give in.



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Sort of a video montage of Snowy Luau Weekend 2009. Not the best quality. Might be good for some laughs? Great weekend though.  (If you keep clicking on youtube afterwards you'll see other folks vids from same weekend. It's amazing how much stuff goes on there these days.)

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