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I think trying to understand the feet/legs/hips/upper body saying has helped my skiing immensely this season. That's why I wanted to share it.

It seems that though strong movements start in the feet, that many instructors have become so focused on movements of the feet that they neglect to explore with students the considerable role in skiing of the parts of the body above the feet.*

*I am hearing this more and more from disgruntled students...
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Well, I live in an overpopulated are, but I do a lot of introspection.
Maybe the two exteremes lead to the same results?
Or maybe it's just the fact that I was always interested by that kind of stuff.
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I had a ski coach who said, "If you understand the philosophy, skiing is easy." It's an ironic statement, because understanding the philosophy is so difficult, but it is nonetheless true.

In addition, if you understand the philosophy, you won't be victim to technique du jour or the flim-flam of the marketplace.
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But yeah, Nolo. I love that piece, and will gratefully steal it!
I've always said that in ski teaching R&D stands for Ripoff and Duplicate!
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Well ya' know nolo.....when you're around Bridger, along #89, in the middle of Montana....one's train of thought does become a little more instrospective.
....and I won't do a "You Want the Peking Duck or Fried Rice.." bit [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

It works for me too....
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