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The thermometer at the top of the mountain said it was 16 degrees, but to me it felt more like 17 or 18.

But seriously folks.....

Conditions today were even better than Friday 3/20. It didn't get slushy, just a bit soft around 1 PM, but then it cooled down again and the surface got faster.

I only skied Hellgate to Kennedy all day. Racers was bumpy and icy. Eisenhower had good coverage but thin. Gun Hill was patchy, but plenty of intermediates and kids were making it down intact.

Cliff, Heuga and Belt were all open; from the chair I saw people on them or exiting them.

Bright sunlight; blue sky; I saw two small clouds all day. Tues and Weds are supposed to be basically the same, but warmer.

Today was actually one of the best days of the season - day 34 for me.